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how to host a party at home with safe social distance

How to Host the Best Party at Home with Social Distance

Summer entertaining season has arrived, and yet we all have an obligation to maintain safety protocols in this era of COVID-19. So there are a bunch of new rules on how to host a party these days. Is it possible to be safe and still have fun? Not to worry. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the tips we all need on how to host the best party at home while maintaining safe social distance.

The best quality mail-order artisanal gourmet ice cream brands in the world

What are the Best Gourmet Ice Cream Brands in the World?

What are the best quality gourmet ice cream brands in the world? Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum accepted the extremely difficult assignment of testing, tasting and curating a list of the best premium ice cream treats. Here are our top 10 recommended mail-order artisanal ice cream brands, with the best quality and variety of flavors right now. Spoons in the air, everybody!

A glossary of the new words and phrases invented during the coronavirus pandemic era.

The Best New Words Invented in the COVID-19 Era

Every new era has its own unique slang – the new words and phrases that were invented to describe something that has never been experienced before. So, what are the best new words invented in the COVID-19 era? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has a glossary of definitions for all of the new words, slang and phrases invented during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic era that are now fully integrated into our everyday vocabularies. When the 2020 time capsule is opened, they’ll need this definition of terms to interpret most of what they find.

What are the best luxury outdoor side tables, garden stools, end and accent tables right now?

The Best Chic Luxury Outdoor Side Tables and Stools

It’s outdoor party season, which means you may be in need of a new side table or two to refresh your backyard decor. Here’s our curated list of the best chic luxury designer outdoor garden stools, end tables, accent tables and side tables, in stone, ceramic, marble, wood and more. Whether your look is modern minimalist or rustic chic, there’s a perfect outdoor side table or stool for your summer entertaining this year.