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what you need to know about luxury designer sneakers

What You Need to Know About Expensive Luxury Sneakers

Expensive designer luxury sneakers are a core part of mainstream fashion and culture. They’ve also become an accurate barometer of the many forces at work in society. That means you need to know about expensive luxury sneakers – even if you don’t want to own a pair – if you hope to understand the current era. To lend a hand, our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy is breaking it all down. Here’s what you need to know about expensive luxury sneakers and how to buy them. And what you need to know about the sneakerheads who love them.

the best of the spring 2019 luxury collaborations

Warm weather may seem far away, but the spring 2019 luxury designer collaborations are already on their way. And they don’t disappoint. Spring is the season of unusual affairs and the attraction of opposites, and some of these partnerships definitely qualify. You’d think some of these duos just wouldn’t work, but somehow they do. Here are the best of the late winter-spring 2019 luxury collaborations (so far).

Act now to gift the hottest-selling luxuries this Christmas

Want to be a holiday hero? That cool cat who can sit back and watch their loved ones shout with glee as presents are opened, knowing that they’ve scored the hardest-to-get items that everyone wants. It’s not just little kids who get their hearts set on a particular gift only to have their parents tearing out their hair trying to find it at the last minute. Grown folks can get attached to the idea of one particular gift, too. Many movie and sitcom plots turn on this very dilemma, but in reality, it is SO not funny.