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Our 2021 luxury Christmas and holiday gift guide of the best gifts in every favorite shade of the color orange

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: the Best Luxury Gifts in Every Favorite Color

Sometimes the ultimate luxury gift comes in the color that our gift recipients love most. If someone on your list has a favorite color that they are seriously passionate about, one that perfectly captures their spirit, then read on. We’ve got ideas for colorful luxury Christmas and holiday gifts and what to buy in our 2021 gift guides in every favorite jewel-toned color for her, him and them: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Of course, you might find a couple of things here that you want for yourself, too. That’s totally allowed. Enjoy the season!

expert tips on the best ways to enhance your indoor video screen time in luxury at home in 2021

Home Video Screens are Smart and Chic with These Expert 2021 Tips

Sure, summer is here and lots of people are heading for the Great Outdoors. But some days it rains, right? And some days its just Too Darn Hot to venture out. For those moments when your inner couch potato or your skittishness about the end of social distancing demands that you stay inside, we’ve got some ideas about how to make the most of all those screens you have around your home. Our ace correspondent and tech expert Tomas White has done the research, which means that those of us who are Luddites or just not tech-savvy can still level up our games. Here’s his curated list of expert tips on the best ways to enhance time on your indoor video screens in luxury at home in 2021, including smart TVs, “hidden” TVs that look like art on the wall, new tablets, streaming devices and more. It’s actually pretty easy to amp-up your screen time and be better entertained, more productive, and more connected than ever. Cool.

10 Essential Tech Gadgets and Gear to Buy Before Hiking

10 Essential Tech Gadgets and Gear to Buy Before Hiking

As the gates lift and The Great Lockdowns end, lots of us are making a beeline for the nearest hiking trail. Freedom! What better way to celebrate than fresh air and exercise, plus stunning natural views? But what should we add to our backpack before we set out? Our ace correspondent Tomas White, himself an avid hiker, has answers. Here’s his curated list of must-have lightweight items for hiking, including these 10 essential tech gadgets and gear that you should probably buy before your next hike.