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what are the best luxury headphones for traveling?

Traveling a lot? Then you need an excellent pair of travel-ready headphones. Known by serious audiophiles as “cans,” headphones are a must for an optimal air travel experience, whether you’re flying commercial, sharing a private jet with a number of other people, or kicking it mogul-style alone on your own jet. No matter how luxurious your plane, it’s still going to be noisy. We’re rounding up the most stylish headphones, the most expensive headphones and the most durable headphones. All in all, these are the best luxury headphones for traveling.

the new innovations in restaurant tech you need to know

Our monthly restaurant news updates, our series about the best restaurants in retail stores, and our Eatery Row reviews of dining spots that we love provide a steady supply of ideas about where to go out for an outstanding meal. But what about snagging a reservation, ordering in, and healthier eating? New restaurant tech and innovation in food nutrition are making nearly every element of food consumption easier and better for us and for the planet. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has investigated the latest in restaurant tech. Dining reservation systems, high-tech food delivery and lab-grown meat and fishless fish: luxury tech takes its place at the table.