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the best luxury tour companies and group tour operators to help you plan a safe post COVID-19 trip

What Are the Best Luxury Tours for a Post Covid-19 Trip?

with social distancing guidelines in force for the foreseeable future, can you join a luxury group tour safely in this coronavirus era? Our intrepid correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the best luxury tours, tour companies and group tour operators to help you plan a safe post COVID-19 adventure travel trip or family vacation.

What are the most private luxury hotels and resorts in the United States for a COVID-19 vacation?

The Most Private Luxury Hotels and Resorts Right Now

A private entrance and easy social distancing are the new infinity pool at luxury hotels and resorts. The must-have (or at least very highly desirable) guest amenity that could make all the difference in whether we feel good about booking a visit or not. Which luxury hotels and resorts provide the highest levels of privacy, social distance and open spaces for a COVID-19 era vacation? Our ace correspondent Jillian Tangen has the answers. Here are the most private luxury hotels and resorts in America right now.

What are the best luxury travel vacations destinations out in nature for summer 2020?

The Best Luxury Vacations This Summer Out in Nature

After so much time indoors during the Great Lockdown, as we debate the ideal summer vacation for 2020, we keep coming back to the same idea: we want to get close to nature! But we still want to kick it luxury style when it comes to food and lodging. If you’re similarly inclined, our intrepid correspondent Julie Chang Murphy is breaking down the best destinations for a luxury vacation out in nature this summer 2020.

what to know about the total solar eclipse December 2020 in south america

What You Need to Know About the December Solar Eclipse

Given how 2020 has been going so far, you’d be forgiven for wanting to escape Earth and see what residential celestial options might emerge elsewhere in the galaxy. But before you blast off (perhaps courtesy of SpaceX), consider hanging around until the total solar eclipse that’s happening this December in South America. ‘Cause it’s gonna be epic! Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has the download on how, where, and when you can view the upcoming total solar eclipse in December 2020.

How to Rent the Perfect Luxury RV This Summer

Is summer vacation cancelled for 2020, given COVID-19?  Not all all, dear reader. We’ve been exploring ways to safely get out in the world and unleash your pent-up wanderlust. Our intrepid correspondent Jillian Tangen has the latest information on rentals and how to rent the perfect luxury recreational vehicle (RV) this summer for your family vacation or iconic road trip with your buddies.