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best places in the world to celebrate st. patrick's day

10 Surprising Places Best in the World to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is a joyful time, and it can also be a perfect time to take a mini-vacation. But where to go? The top trips have some historic or thematic tie to the holiday, and a luxurious hotel to stay in, and at least one fantastic party, or parade, or wild bacchanalia. Good food and drink are preferred, but not required. If money is no object, and you can get away for a few days, here’s our surprising list of the 10 best trips to the top places in the world for a vacation to celebrate Irish heritage and Saint Patrick’s Day this year.

Camp Yoshi is First Luxury Camping for Active Black Travelers

Camp Yoshi is First Luxury Camping for Active Black Travelers

Spring is nearly here, and that means summer travel season is, too. If you’re making plans for an adventure in the Great Outdoors, and you’re BIPOC, however, you may be feeling some trepidation along with the excitement and anticipation. Hiking, white-water rafting, horseback riding – even heading off in a luxury RV – can feel different for an underrepresented group. After all, we haven’t always been welcomed by our fellow Americans when we head into the rural landscape. Camping while black sounds like a nightmare, not a vacation, for many in our community. Happily, though, there are new entrepreneurs who have our backs. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has the story on the new tour operator Camp Yoshi – and why it may be the best new luxury camping outfitter and adventure guide for active black travelers.

Best most beautiful Gardens in Central and South America

The 10 Most Beautiful Gardens Central and South America

Medical research indicates that spending time in a garden is a powerful way to increase personal wellness. To help you find the best lovely spots, we embarked on a round-the-world tour. The result is our five-part series on the most beautiful gardens in the world. We’re sharing our top picks of the best gardens in the United States and Canada; Europe; Asia; the Middle East and Africa. Here’s the list of the most beautiful gardens in Central and South America – the best gardens in the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil and more.