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best new luxury watches from the Geneva SIHH show 2019

A gorgeous fine watch is a wearable work of art. Which is why we love seeing the new watch debuts at the haute horlogerie shows each year. The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) marks the official opening of watch season in Geneva. What were the best watches at SIHH this year? Just in time for Valentine’s Day gift-gifting, here are some of the dazzling new timepieces that debuted this month. As we dream a little dream, these are our picks for the best new luxury watches from the Geneva SIHH show 2019.

the best Christmas gifts for gentlemen this year

If we’re lucky, we have a few true gentlemen in our lives, and on our holiday gift lists. A father, grandfather, husband, son, brother, friend or close colleague with impeccable taste, intelligence and charm. A stand-up guy who’s dependable and loyal. And kind. For such a man, an ordinary gift just won’t do. But what are the best luxury holiday gifts for men? Here are our top picks for the best Christmas gifts for gentlemen this year.

why buy a dream luxury car when you can just share one?

What’s your dream car? For a long time, ours was a silver BMW convertible. Our tastes have become quite a bit more expensive with the passage of time, so now we quietly lust after a McLaren 720S (0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, top speed 212 mph, yaaas). Whichever marque is your ideal, why wait, and save up, and invest in a single speed machine when you can join a subscription service and drive it tomorrow? And replace it when you tire of it? It’s nice to share.

Who is the Target for Chinese New Year Luxury Capsules?

February 16, 2018 marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog on the lunar calendar, and the world’s luxury houses are responding with capsule collections of dog-themed gift items that might appeal to canine parents the world over, in addition to those actually celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY). Which raises an interesting question: who are these collections actually for, especially this year?

The Importance of Powering Up your Luxury Smarts (101)

I’m standing in front of the windows at Bergdorf’s and I’m transported. I do this every time I can when in New York. Inside, I have a lively exchange with a salesperson about the price of the most fantastic silk brocade coat I’ve ever seen (let’s be fair, no names). I look around and notice a woman angrily snatching at a dress on the rack, frowning and comparing it rather unfavorably to her great grandmother’s couture dress. Another is checking for size 0s and exuding body anxiety. A third woman with an edgy sequin T-shirt, sky blue hair, and a “strictly business” arrogance is clearly shopping as her boss’s surrogate abusive consumer. What is their problem? The whole place is GORGEOUS! Can’t say it isn’t luxurious. So why aren’t more customers and salespeople having a yumilicious time?