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The Importance of Powering Up your Luxury Smarts (101)

I’m standing in front of the windows at Bergdorf’s and I’m transported. I do this every time I can when in New York. Inside, I have a lively exchange with a salesperson about the price of the most fantastic silk brocade coat I’ve ever seen (let’s be fair, no names). I look around and notice a woman angrily snatching at a dress on the rack, frowning and comparing it rather unfavorably to her great grandmother’s couture dress. Another is checking for size 0s and exuding body anxiety. A third woman with an edgy sequin T-shirt, sky blue hair, and a “strictly business” arrogance is clearly shopping as her boss’s surrogate abusive consumer. What is their problem? The whole place is GORGEOUS! Can’t say it isn’t luxurious. So why aren’t more customers and salespeople having a yumilicious time?

Share Luxury Jewels to Make this Party Season Sparkle

It’s full-tilt party season, and if you’re like many people, you’re already wishing that your jewelry box was better stocked. Depending on your social calendar, you may be attending a dozen parties (or more) and if you want to shine at all of them, it would be really fun to show up sporting new baubles every time. In the past, this would have been a hopeless dream for most of us. Even raiding the caches of our mothers, sisters, and besties wouldn’t really suffice. But thanks to the sharing economy, the dream is becoming a reality. Yay! If you need more bling in your life, and you’re willing to share with other like-minded people, read on.

Lost in the Maze of Selling Luxury Goods on Amazon

One of the most intriguing business dilemmas I’ve encountered recently is the conundrum of how luxury brands should think about their relationship with Amazon (and its subsidiaries Zappos and Shopbop). The “core” global luxury market – personal goods and services – is a $250 billion global business with an increasingly anemic growth rate. Amazon, on the other hand, continues to grow at strong double-digit rates. Surely this is a marriage made in heaven?