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Luxury menswear essentials for big work-related business conferences this year, including watches, travel bags, coats, accessories
24 Luxury Menswear Essentials for the Year’s Big Work Conferences
It's that time of year: important buzzy business conference season! From Davos to Milken to TED, winter and spring are full of work travel to business conferences and gatherings. And since the whole point of these events is to network, make connections and show up looking your best, it's also the season to wrestle with…
20 Valentine’s Gift Shop Finds Perfect for Him in 2022
Valentine's Day is drawing near and you know what that means. Gift shopping time! But no worries - our correspondent Jillian Tangen has you covered. Here's our luxury gift guide full of ideas on what to shop for the best romantic and most wanted Valentine's gifts for him. They're what to gift your boyfriend, best friend, father, husband, brother or any other special man in your life on Valentine's Day 2022.
8 Men’s Bags On Trend and Best for the New Normal Office Work Commute
For so long during the Great Lockdown(s) due to the coronavirus pandemic, our commute to work has been from the bed to the kitchen table and back. If we left our beds at all . . . But now we seem to be approaching a New Normal, in which even hybrid working arrangements require a commute to the office. Under such circumstances, whither the Man Bag?  Our new correspondent Andrew Villagomez has curated a list of 8 bags for men that are on trend for fall, classic and durable - making them among the best for the New Normal office work commute. Whatever that may look like, and for as long as it lasts.
10 Denim Brands So Cool He’ll Ditch the Dad Jeans in 2021
If you (or someone you love) are finally ready to say goodbye to your "Dad jeans," but are a bit bewildered about how to level up your denim game, you've come to the right place. 'Cause we know this is hard. We've got some friends and family members who are currently confronting this dilemma, and we're here to help! So, what are the best brands and styles of designer men's jeans, including sustainable versions, right now? Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of what to buy for him now: the 10 best denim jeans brands, styles and washes of 2021 for men, all so cool that he (or you, dear reader) will happily ditch the Dad look for good.
11 Core Elements to Channel the Power Style of President Biden
Some Presidents are style icons and ambassadors for American fashion (looking at you, JFK). Others, well . . . not so much. Done properly, though, the American President can set the tone for how a gentleman of authority best dresses for the era. (We anxiously await the day that a woman of authority takes that seat, but that's a whole 'nother thing). Our correspondent Tomas White has decoded the signature fashion style of President Joe Biden and he's sharing the core wardrobe elements needed to channel his power look - from suits to denim, socks and - of course - the sunglasses.
9 Luxury Grooming Products Best for Men After 2021 Quarantine
What will the world of luxury grooming products look like in 2021 post-pandemic for men? Is everyone going back to their Before Times routine? Or will those masks and scrubs that helped pass the time during the Great Lockdown earn a permanent place on our bathroom counters? We're starting to understand the impact that the global COVID-19 crisis has had on how men think about appearance, self-care and personal luxuries. Our correspondent Tomas White has curated a list of the top luxury grooming products for men for life after the quarantine in 2021, inducing the return to office work, along with thoughts on how coronavirus changed the traditional male morning routine.
The 3 Big Changes Post-COVID 2021 in Work Fashion for Men
Wither men's fashion as we emerge from the fog of the coronavirus pandemic in 2021? Having worked for a year now in sweatpants, shorts and tees, are even those in the most conservative professions really going back to tailored suits, ties and hard-soled shoes? Our correspondent Tomas White has a style report on the outlook for business attire for men as this year unfolds. Here's our take on how the coronavirus pandemic has changed work fashion in 2021 in 3 big and lasting ways for men in a post-COVID world.
The 9 men setting the luxury fashion bar at Golden Globes 2021
What can we learn about men's style from this year's Hollywood awards shows? Specifically, the men's fashion at the Golden Globes? Our ace correspondent Tomas White has taken a close look at the style and fashion choices of the male stars on the virtual red carpet at the Golden Globes, and he's found some stunning hits and some unfortunate misses. Here's our take on the 9 men setting the luxury fashion bar at the Golden Globes 2021.
Luxury Fashion Takes to the Court with LV x NBA 2021
The love affair between the NBA and designer fashion continues apace with the January 2021 drop of a new limited-edition capsule collection from the three-year LV x NBA collaboration. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy shares her take on the best of the latest drop from the LV x NBA collaboration, showcasing her picks for the best bags, shoes, apparel and accessories. Dare we say it? We think this collection is a slam dunk.
How to Style the New Pantone 2021 Colors of the Year
As you may have heard, the Pantone Color Institute’s choice for Color of the Year is . . . actually two colors. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (for the uninitiated, that's a bright yellow hue). Reaction to this announcement has been mixed. But our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy is here to show us how to style the new Pantone 2021 Colors of the Year, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating yellow, in fashion, menswear, beauty and home décor.
The Ultimate Luxury Gift Guide: The Best for Him
What does a man really want as a luxury gift this holiday? That's a tough one, dear reader. Our intrepid correspondent Julie Change Murphy has done the work, though, so you don't have to. Here's our ultimate luxury gift guide of the best chic gifts for him. It's what to buy for him: that special man - or men- on your luxury gift list this Christmas holiday.
How to Gift a Huntsman Luxury Bespoke Menswear Suit
Where can you find a craftsman for a tailor-made luxury bespoke suit for men in New York? Why, at Huntsman Savile Row, of course! Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has experienced first-hand what it is like to order a Huntsman tailored suit for men.  Here is her story of the experience of gifting a bespoke custom Huntsman men's suit in New York City.
What are the Best Face Masks for Men Right Now?
Do real men wear face masks? Um . . . yeah. With protective face masks now mandatory in many places to fight the coronavirus pandemic, as we face this "new normal," (no pun intended) what's a stylish dude to do? Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we've covered the latest chic protective face masks for women and for kids. But what about the manly men in our lives? Is basic black their only real sartorial option? Our correspondent Tomas White is sharing a male view of COVID-19 prevention face masks - the good, the bad, the functional and the fugly. Here's our curated list of the best stylish and tasteful luxury face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus for men right now.
The Latest Cool New Sneaker Drops to Love Right Now
What's on your list of essential purchases as the coronavirus pandemic refuses to release its hold? As the Great Lockdown drags on, there are some predictable winners in the shopping stakes, and also some surprising winners. But what about footwear? Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the rundown on everything you need to know about the current market for limited-edition luxury sneakers - and a curated list of the latest cool new sneaker drops to love right now.
The Best Lounge Wear for a Retreat to The Man Cave
With social distancing, working from home, and home-schooling kids, it hasn't been at the top of our list for pressing issues to address. But over six weeks into the age of coronavirus, we feel that it's time. What's a dude to wear while lounging around at home? We know, sweatpants and boxers are often the response. But it's time to level up, guys. When social distancing results in a retreat to the man cave, our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the best luxury lounge wear for men - and some books he might like, too.
What are the Best Brands for Luxury Bespoke Eyeglasses?
Where you can you find a craftsman for a tailor-made pair of custom couture eyeglasses or sunglasses that are precisely designed for your face? Our intrepid correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has tracked down the artisans who specialize in custom eyewear, and she's sharing her list of the best brands in the world right now for chic bespoke luxury eyeglasses and sunglasses tailored for your eyes only.

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