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Who are the top black women luxury fashion designers and beauty brands to know right now?

Black Girl Luxury Magic: The Top Names You Need to Know

A small consolation arising from the global anguish and protests against brutality and violence by law enforcement officers, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the heightened conversation about racism in America is the spotlight currently shining on talented black people in every field of endeavor. We’re celebrating that long-overdue trend with a look at some of the under-appreciated black designers, founders and retailers in the world of luxury fashion.  And while there are several black men at the helm of designer brands, as black women we want to highlight the top black woman-led luxury fashion brands to know right now. We love you, brothers, but it’s girls-only for this particular list. Here are some of the top names to know in the realm of luxury fashion brands founded and run by black women designers. If you didn’t know them before, prepare to be amazed. Black Girl Luxury Magic is real.

Our review of Verishop luxury online shopping for women's fashion, accessories, kids, menswear and beauty

Verishop is a Chic New Destination for Online Luxury

Thanks to The Great Lockdown, lots of luxury shoppers have been forced to explore the options for online designer fashion and home decor. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has a review of  Verishop, a new luxury online shopping site with accessible price points for women’s fashion apparel, accessories, menswear, kids and beauty.

Social distancing chic: the best luxury lounge wear for men and books for the man cave

The Best Lounge Wear for a Retreat to The Man Cave

With social distancing, working from home, and home-schooling kids, it hasn’t been at the top of our list for pressing issues to address. But over six weeks into the age of coronavirus, we feel that it’s time. What’s a dude to wear while lounging around at home? We know, sweatpants and boxers are often the response. But it’s time to level up, guys. When social distancing results in a retreat to the man cave, our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the best luxury lounge wear for men – and some books he might like, too.

Where to find the best luxury bespoke eyeglasses and sunglasses right now:

What are the Best Brands for Luxury Bespoke Eyeglasses?

Where you can you find a craftsman for a tailor-made pair of custom couture eyeglasses or sunglasses that are precisely designed for your face? Our intrepid correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has tracked down the artisans who specialize in custom eyewear, and she’s sharing her list of the best brands in the world right now for chic bespoke luxury eyeglasses and sunglasses tailored for your eyes only.