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Our list of novels and non-fiction books that capture the feel of the month: our top picks for what to read in the month of April.

15 Perfect Books to Read Now to Feel the Month of April

What are the best books to read in April 2022? Here’s our take on the best novels, poetry and essay collections and other non-fiction books to read that capture the mood, the vibe and the feel of the month of April, when something new is being born. Or perhaps something old is struggling mightily to be reborn. These are great reads not just for this April. They’re perfect for any April.

the best books to read for MLK Day

20 Best Books to Read in 2022 in Honor of Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day is fast-approaching, and to honor to the holiday, we like to re-read some of the iconic works that illuminate his legacy, impact and spirit. What makes for the perfect read – novels and non-fiction – in honor of MLK Day? Whether fiction or non-fiction, there’s a wide array of outstanding choices. Here are our picks of the best books for adults to read in 2022 in honor of Martin Luther King Day, including classic and contemporary novels, poetry, memoirs and other non-fiction.