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The 12 Best Bakeries in the World for a Luxurious Cake

What are the best bakeries in the world for a luxurious cake? Whether for a wedding, special birthday, or just an everyday luxury, a gorgeous delicious cake is an instant mood booster. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has rounded up a list of the best cakes, bakers and famous cake bakeries in the world, including New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong and more. Forks in the air! It’s time to eat cake like a boss.

The ultimate luxury gift guide of the best gifts from France for Francophiles

The Ultimate Luxury Gift Guide: The Best from France

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who really loves Paris, and all things French? Perhaps someone who’s hooked on Emily in Paris and looking to keep that buzz going? For the Francophiles on your luxury gift list, we’ve got more than a dozen ideas to help get you started. Our correspondent Jeanette Settembre has curated our ultimate luxury holiday gift guide for Francophiles, with the best gifts and brands from France, for those who love Paris and all things French. If they cannot travel to France this year, you can help bring the joie de vivre home to them.

The Ultimate Luxury Gifts From Favorite Places in the World

The Ultimate Luxury Gifts From Favorite Places in the World

If you’re looking for a memorable luxury gift for someone special on your list this holiday season, consider gifts that will virtually transport them to one of their favorite places in the world. Especially this year, when travel restrictions due to COVID-19 have kept most of us grounded, a luxury holiday gift that reminds them of glorious times in London, Paris, New York, Italy, Japan or Scandinavia sounds perfect. Here’s our guide to the ultimate luxury gifts from some of everyone’s favorite places in the world.

the best books and poems to read before visiting Paris

What are the Best Books to Read Before Visiting Paris?

Dreaming of a visit to the City of Light? Maybe for the first time. Maybe for the hundredth time. Either way, you can get into a Paris state of mind by reading some iconic works before you go. So what are the best books and poems to read before visiting Paris? Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenberg has compiled a list of the best books set in or written about Paris, including novels, poems, histories, essays, memoirs and shopping guides.