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The 8 Best Ballet and Summer Dance Festivals in the World 2022
Summer dance festival. Three little words that conjure up a world of beauty, grace, refinement – and also provocation, wild abandon, and heat. What could be better for a weekend adventure or a glorious week away this summer? Abbie Martin Greenbaum has compiled a list of the best ballet and modern dance festivals in the world for summer 2022, including Jacob's Pillow, Avignon, Vail, Saratoga and Spoleto.
15 New Ways to Experience Beauty and Romance of April in Paris
Planning a luxury vacation to Paris this spring? Looking for advice on how to experience April in Paris like a luxury insider? Meredith Lepore is sharing her tips on how to have the best luxury vacation in April in Paris, given that there are so many things to do, including the must-see hotels, cafes, parks and museum exhibits. Book your travel plans, dear reader. And let's go!
21 Books Perfect to Read in 2022 before a Luxurious Paris Vacation
Dreaming of a visit to the City of Light? Maybe for the first time. Maybe for the hundredth time. Either way, you can get into a Paris state of mind by reading some iconic works before you go. So, what are the best books to read before visiting Paris? Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenberg has compiled a list of the best books set in or written about Paris - novels, poems, histories, essays, memoirs and shopping guides - to read before visiting for your next business trip or luxurious vacation. Or for your next armchair holiday in the City of Lights.
8 Orchid Shows in 2022, with New York, For Exotic Luxury Beauty
In the depths of winter, sometimes the spirit needs a reminder of the glories of spring. Surely that’s why so many of the best luxury orchid shows in the world happen in February and early March. For those who love gardens and are becoming deeply weary of cold and snow, here’s our list of the best orchid shows in the world, with their dates and themes for 2022 - including the famous New York Botanical Garden show and the one in Kew Garden London. Plus some fun facts about orchids to make your visit even more enjoyable. Even if you only travel to these in your mind, we hope it’ll leave you feeling restored.
10 Best Places in the World to Spend a Romantic Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day is approaching. Have you made your plans yet? If not, you might want to think about luxury travel destinations for Valentine's Day this year. If you're planning on limiting yourself to romantic spots in the continental US, check out our list here. But if you're fully vaxxed, undaunted and can get into the country of your choice, then you can spread your wings. Here are our top 10 picks for the best luxury travel destinations and beautiful places in the world to spend a romantic Valentine's Day trip.
Take a Virtual Vacation With the 12 Best Movies Set in France
Two years into the global coronavirus pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions, we're  really missing visiting Paris - and some of our other favorite places in France. Since we can't get there for real at the moment, we'll settle for a cinematic journey instead. Our correspondent and resident cineaste Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of the 12 best movies set in Paris or France for a virtual vacation trip or a home movie marathon.
12 Luxury Shopping Streets Best to Visit Right Now in Paris
Whether for Fashion Week, the haute couture shows, the winter holidays or a last-minute vacation, you may be heading to Paris soon. And you may, at some point, be in the mood to shop. So, in this post COVID-19 world, where is the best luxury shopping in Paris? Our ace correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has rounded up insider tips for our guide to the 12 best luxury shopping streets, new and iconic boutiques and stores, and other must-visit retail in Paris right now.
The Best Looks from Valentino Spring 2020 Haute Couture
Paris Haute Couture Week in January is one of our favorite fashion moments of the year. Usually held just a few weeks before the Oscars, it's both a chance to revel in the gorgeous gowns and pantsuits. And also to speculate about which ones will end up on the red carpet in Hollywood in short order. Our favorite of all is the work of Pierpaolo Piccioli at Valentino. Here are our picks for the best looks from the Valentino spring summer 2020 haute couture collection show.
The Most Beautiful Christmas Desserts in Paris This Year
Now that Christmas is getting even closer, another one of the marvelous elements of Paris at the holiday season is the arrival of the most beautiful Christmas desserts. Every year, the best bakers dazzle us anew with their holiday creations: show-stopping Christmas cakes, bûches de Nöel and more appear across Paris. If you're in the…
the best of the paris high jewelry shows july 2018
Lifelike flower petal rings, a watch inspired by a chic Parisian apartment, a necklace reminiscent of the traditional adornments of the Kenyan Masai tribe, a tiara with nearly one thousand white diamonds, a bracelet that appears on the hand of the wearer as if it is a golden tattoo, a cuff inspired by the play of light on snow in Northern Europe. The July 2018 haute joaillerie presentations drew their inspiration and romance from literally every corner of the world. You can call it high jewelry, or fine jewelry, or even fine jewellery. We just call it gorgeous.
How to do April in Paris like a true luxury insider
April in Paris. Three little words that evoke beauty, flowers, music, incredible wine, delicious food, and the best shopping anywhere on the planet. Romantics, dreamers, adventurers and wanderers imagine the city at this time of year as the most brilliant place of all. And we can’t say that they’re wrong. If you decide to visit Paris in springtime in pursuit of your own magical experience, what should you be sure to do?
A Customized Luxury Bag Could be the Perfect Gift
Searching for the perfect holiday present? Our Dandelion Chandelier holiday luxury gift-giving series showcases truly special products and experiences that will delight your beloved. We’re sharing incredible items and experiences that you can purchase right now. That way, when the holiday season actually arrives, you can go to parties, drink eggnog, look cute and be generally just totally chill. Sound like a dream? If you want to kick it like that this year, read on. Holiday shopping? Already? We can hear you groaning, but it’s that time of year, dear reader. In fact, it will soon be too late to purchase some of the most special items that you could give to your friends and family this year. And no, we’re not crazy. According to the National Retail Federation, in 2016 12.2% of U.S. consumers began shopping for the holiday season before September; 6.5% started in September; 21.9% started in October; and 41.4% started during the month of November. We’re not trying to alarm you. This is just a nudge to say that if you start now, you’ll be able to give items that are truly special – for example, customized for the recipient. And when the holiday season rolls around, you can be that person who is totally chill, going to parties, singing songs, and planning a big party. Because your shopping will done! Win-win.
Chic Insider Tips on the Best Luxury Hotels in Paris
Now that the fabled Hôtel de Crillon has reopened on the Place de la Concorde after a 4-year renovation, where does it rank in the pantheon of luxury hotels in Paris? We asked our Dandelion Chandelier Paris Bureau Chief to weigh in on what the opening means for those who are planning a trip to the City of Light and curious to learn where the chic insiders from France and other cosmopolitan places are staying right now. Here’s our report.

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