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How to Layer your Luxury Necklaces Like a Cool Girl

How to Layer your Luxury Necklaces Like a Cool Girl

You’ve seen this look for years, and yet you’ve never had the conjones to try it: the multi-strand, elegant disarray of several delicate necklaces worn all at once, and all layered just so. The Cool Girl Factor for this look is off the charts, in no small part because it looks effortless and nonchalant. And yet it appears to be really hard to execute. Like, what goes with what? How many is too many? Fear not, dear reader. Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy is sharing the secrets of how to fashionably layer your luxury necklaces and wear multiple ones this season, with all the top fashion trends and combinations in layering. Cool.

Is Green Desking rural coworking countryside the office of the future?

Is “Green Desking” the Perfect Workspace of the Future?

As waves of workers return from Labor Day to face an autumn of the New Normal, there’s an idea afloat that might make us all actually feel excited to head back to work: “green desking.” British Vogue reports that this is the Next New Thing in workspaces. And from what we can tell, it sounds pretty fantastic. Here’s everything you need to know about “green desking,” which is the concept of a shared rural coworking office space or workspace, located in the countryside instead of a big city.

How to gift a luxury bespoke suit from Huntsman Savile Row,

How to Gift a Huntsman Luxury Bespoke Menswear Suit

Where can you find a craftsman for a tailor-made luxury bespoke suit for men in New York? Why, at Huntsman Savile Row, of course! Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has experienced first-hand what it is like to order a Huntsman tailored suit for men.  Here is her story of the experience of gifting a bespoke custom Huntsman men’s suit in New York City.

what are the best stylish luxury face masks for men right now?

What are the Best Face Masks for Men Right Now?

Do real men wear face masks? Um . . . yeah. With protective face masks now mandatory in many places to fight the coronavirus pandemic, as we face this “new normal,” (no pun intended) what’s a stylish dude to do? Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’ve covered the latest chic protective face masks for women and for kids. But what about the manly men in our lives? Is basic black their only real sartorial option? Our correspondent Tomas White is sharing a male view of COVID-19 prevention face masks – the good, the bad, the functional and the fugly. Here’s our curated list of the best stylish and tasteful luxury face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus for men right now.

How to Get the Best Internet and WiFi Access, perhaps via a hotspot, while Working Outdoors

How to Get the Best Internet Access Working Outdoors

Since work-from-home and work-outside-the-office seem poised to become long-term (maybe permanent) features of our existence, we think it’s time to get schooled on how to ensure that we can get our work done from the great outdoors. Whether it’s our backyard, a rooftop terrace, our favorite beach or a tent in the mountains, how can we access the internet effectively and find a WiFi hotspot when working outdoors? Our ace tech correspondent Tomas White has answers.