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the inside luxury secret of the Pirelli calendar

The Insider Secret Luxury of the Pirelli Calendar

The world of luxury has many ancient secrets. One of the more interesting ones is the annual Pirelli calendar, which is sent to a select group of wealthy and influential individuals who the company has determined to be appropriate members of their List. And no one else. It’s a tale of art, fashion, money and exclusivity. What could be more luxurious than that? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy shares everything you need to know about the insider secret luxury of the Pirelli Calendar, including some of the most talked-about, iconic and infamous images from its history.

the women-only private clubs you need to know about now

In the beginning, there was the Wing. Then the Coven. And now the Broad. Combination shared work spaces and social clubs designed exclusively for those who identify as women have been a Thing for quite a while now. If you’re thinking of joining one, or just keeping tabs on them, here are some new locations and new variations on the theme that we’ve heard and read about in recent weeks.

In Luxury Travel, Mystery is the New Transparency

In recent conversations, a new trend has become clear to us here at Dandelion Chandelier: for luxury travel experiences, word of mouth is the new social media. Analog is the new digital. Silence is the new shouting. How do we know this? Because some of the best luxury properties in the world have exited social media completely. We recently interviewed a devotee of ultra-luxury destination health and wellness retreat Vana in Dehradun, India. It’s a unique and highly exclusive spa for the jet set (frequent guests call themselves “Vanavasis,”) and it’s not well known amongst the hoi polloi. Hearing about its many wonders made us keen to visit: the property’s website is filled with images of a dreamy tropical paradise where serenity might actually be within reach. Eager to share our discovery, we published our post and then set to work on our usual social media promotion for the post. A curious thing happened on the way to social media, though. We went looking for the Instagram handle for the Vana retreat, and we couldn’t …

Member of the Club: Are You In?

Do words like exclusive, private, dues, waiting list and members-only excite you? If so, you’re not alone. Do they make you anxious or even angry? Ditto. This is a tension I hear about every day from friends, acquaintances and family. And it’s also an interesting driver of a very little understood kind of luxury business: the private club.