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The Ultimate Luxury Wedding Now Requires the Best Private Jet

The Ultimate Luxury Wedding Now Requires the Best Private Jet

Love will find a way, even in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. While many engaged couples have postponed their nuptials until it’s safe to host a large gathering again, others have taken to the air. Done properly, a private jet becomes the means to wed in luxury without waiting to start your marriage due to COVID-19 restrictions. Curious? Destination weddings may have always involved a private jet – but in 2021, the jet is the destination. Our correspondent Meredith Lepore has the download on what you need to know about the new ultimate luxury wedding in the sky, with the best private jet serving as your magic carpet.

how to book a private jet, including charters, jet cards, memberships.

The Best Ways to Book a Private Jet for Your Next Big Trip

Getting from point A to point B right now is more complicated than ever. With local and national travel restrictions in a constant state of flux, COVID-19 flare-ups in many parts of America, and severely reduced commercial air capacity worldwide, the complexity of planning an important business trip or a safe family vacation is seriously daunting. Some of our friends have managed to take to the sky, though. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has assessed the state of private aviation, and she has the answer to this pressing question: What are the best ways to book a private jet for your next big trip and which companies are best? Here’s everything you need to know about the private aviation market right now, including charters, jet cards, memberships, and fractional ownership.