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10 Luxury Vacations at New Hotels That are COVID Safe

10 Luxury Vacations at New Hotels That are COVID Safe

Which luxury hotels and resorts provide the highest levels of privacy, social distance and open spaces for a COVID-19 era vacation right now? Our ace correspondent Jillian Tangen has curated a list of 10 luxury vacations at new for 2021 hotels and resorts in the United States, the Caribbean and Mexico that are as COVID-19 safe as they could reasonably be. As always, don’t travel without assessing the risks to you and your companions – but if you’re keen for a winter 2021 safe vacation escape, here are 10 destinations that might perfectly fit the bill.

what are the best luxury tennis resorts for kids?

School holiday breaks are almost here. Some will head out for a last chance to ski as a family. But If you have a little Serena Williams or a budding Roger Federer in your family – or if you’d like to – where are the best places to go for a family tennis vacation? The top luxury hotels for a tennis holiday can provide a family vacation that will be luxurious and entertaining for you and the rest of the family. And also provide your tennis prodigy with a few solid days of excellent tennis instruction. Here are our picks for the best luxury tennis resorts for kids.

The best of luxury designer fashion Resort cruise 2020

What’s The Best of the Luxury 2020 Resort Collections?

It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of year: the luxury designer Resort/Cruise Collections for 2020 are now available. There have been sneak peeks for the past two weeks, and now the resort collections are open for business. Time to go shopping! Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the rundown on the top trends and best looks you need to know about in the luxury designer 2020 resort collections.

the best luxury hotel in Deer Valley Utah The Montage

best luxury hotels in the world: the montage deer valley

In a world full of luxury hotels, with new ones opening all the time, which ones are the best? In our ongoing series, we share our finds. They’re hotels and resorts at which we’ve personally stayed (with no promotional consideration involved). We’d recommend these to friends and family – and to you, dear reader. In this edition of our top picks for best luxury hotels in the world: our review of the Montage Deer Valley. It’s also on our list of best ski resort hotels, especially for a visit during the holidays.