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What are the Best Scenic Road Trips for Luxury Summer Vacation?
It’s officially road trip season. Yay! So what are the best scenic road trips for a fantastic luxury family vacation in the U.S. this summer 2021? Whether you're venturing out by car, camper, or luxury RV, we've got ideas. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy breaks down the perfect family road trips to take in the United States this summer.
What’s the Best Luxury Camper Van for a Cool Road Trip?
In a summer when lots of people are uncomfortable with the idea of commercial air travel, and lots of countries are off-limits for American tourists, it's no surprise that the road trip is the new European Grand Tour. It may be like this for a while, and this New Normal demands a re-think of our go-to modes of transportation. If you're ready to hit the road, renting an RV is certainly an option. However, a more photogenic choice would be buying or renting a camper van, the smaller and more adorable cousin of the luxury recreational vehicle. If you're considering buying or renting a new or vintage camper van, microbus, or "weekender" for your summer vacation, what's the best luxury camper van for a cool road trip right now?
How to Rent the Perfect Luxury RV This Summer
Is summer vacation cancelled for 2020, given COVID-19?  Not all all, dear reader. We've been exploring ways to safely get out in the world and unleash your pent-up wanderlust. Our intrepid correspondent Jillian Tangen has the latest information on rentals and how to rent the perfect luxury recreational vehicle (RV) this summer for your family vacation or iconic road trip with your buddies.
How to Take a Luxury Vacation to the Top National Parks
Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we've been thinking - and dreaming - quite a lot about road trips lately. The summer season is here, but international travel restrictions are still in place. And crowded urban areas don't sound like a great idea at the moment. What are the top luxury summer vacation destinations in 2020, given COVID-19? Two words: National Park. Our intrepid correspondent Julie Chang Murphy explains how to take a luxury vacation this summer to some of the best national parks in the U.S. 
The Best Chic Weekend Escapes within Driving Distance
As nations attempt to reopen for business after the coronavirus epidemic, one of the most pressing questions for many people is: when can I travel safely again? Of course, no one really knows. But it seems that a good re-entry plan might be a road trip within your own country. A driving-distance destination, with a stay at a small boutique property where some of the rooms even have separate entrances. If your goal is a charming rustic-luxurious escape from the city without the need to get on a commercial airliner, here are 10 excellent options. These boutique luxury hotels seem to be perfect for a potential post COVID-19 weekend road trip escape vacation within driving distance of a major city, no air travel required.
living electric: life on the road with my affordable EV
In our series Living Electric, our roving correspondent and firefly Gordon J. T. Graham shares his tales of life on the road as a college student with his affordable EV, a 2017 previously-owned Nissan LEAF. Can't afford a Tesla? Don't want a hybrid, like a Prius? Here's the truth about driving a budget all-electric vehicle. In this edition, Graham recounts a nail-biting trip south filled with rangxiety.
Low is the New High Luxury: The Rise of the Super SUV
As previously discussed here at Dandelion Chandelier, there's a fascinating central tension inherent in luxury: it's simultaneously ethereal and deeply-rooted; humble and haughty; high and low; dandelion and chandelier. Right now, Low is having a moment. And so we see the rise of the once-humble utilitarian sports vehicle to the luxury stratosphere: the Super SUV.
why buy a dream luxury car when you can just share one?
What's your dream car? For a long time, ours was a silver BMW convertible. Our tastes have become quite a bit more expensive with the passage of time, so now we quietly lust after a McLaren 720S (0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, top speed 212 mph, yaaas). Whichever marque is your ideal, why wait, and save up, and invest in a single speed machine when you can join a subscription service and drive it tomorrow? And replace it when you tire of it? It's nice to share.
A Look Under the Hood: Inside the World of Luxury Automotive
One of the most important luxury events of the year is the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance vintage automotive show (the name means “a competition of elegance” in French). It’s held on the California coastline the third week of August each year, on the 18th hole of the Pebble Beach golf course, and it attracts car owners, restoration experts and car buffs. Imagine your local annual auto show, at your city’s convention center. On massive amounts of steroids. That’s what this is like.

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