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The best luxury home rentals for vacation this fall.

What are the Best Luxury Fall Vacation Rentals This Year?

If you’re thinking of taking a vacation this fall – in this COVID-19 era – you may be looking exclusively for private rental properties with plenty of social distance from the neighbors. Whether you’re thinking of a cabin beside a lake or a rustic-chic cottage with a prime view of the autumn leaves, what are the best luxury vacation rentals available this fall? Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated  a list of 30 of the best luxury home vacation rentals to consider this fall. Whether it’s just your family, or you and your pod, here are a few ways to get out of Dodge and revel in the splendors of autumn safely this year.

Is Green Desking rural coworking countryside the office of the future?

Is “Green Desking” the Perfect Workspace of the Future?

As waves of workers return from Labor Day to face an autumn of the New Normal, there’s an idea afloat that might make us all actually feel excited to head back to work: “green desking.” British Vogue reports that this is the Next New Thing in workspaces. And from what we can tell, it sounds pretty fantastic. Here’s everything you need to know about “green desking,” which is the concept of a shared rural coworking office space or workspace, located in the countryside instead of a big city.

is renting a luxury vacation home share safe right now?

Is Renting a Luxury Vacation Home Share Safe Right Now?

With COVID-19 flare-ups occurring across America, lots of people are seeking a safe alternative to large hotels and resorts for their next luxury vacation. If you’re in that camp, we’ve shared ideas about recreational vehicles, luxury hotels and resorts with standalone accommodations, and lovely driving-distance destinations to consider right now. Another option? Renting a luxury home or villa from a source like Airbnb or VRBO. But is renting a luxury vacation home share safe right now? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the scoop on what you need to know about safely renting a luxury vacation home in this coronavirus era.

shop the Real Real online site for vintage "New Age" luxury goods

How to Shop the Real Real for Vintage “New Age” Luxury

In a harmonic convergence of two big trends in luxury, the best online resale sites are also excellent sources for hot items in “New Age” luxury. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a a guide on how to shop the luxury online resale site The Real Real for vintage items that are on-point with the hot new trend toward “New Age” luxury goods.