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the best of dandelion chandelier: essays on luxury life

And now we are two. Our second birthday here at Dandelion Chandelier is August 1, and to mark the occasion, we’re sharing some of the top-performing posts in our short history. And also some posts that we’re just really proud of, or that were especially fun to write (and, we hope, fun to read). Join the party! We’ve been focusing on one topic per day for the past week, as we counted down to our big day. We’ve shared posts in Travel and Adventure; Food and Drink; Fashion and Shopping; Sports and Fitness; Culture and the Arts; and Books. On the eve of our birthday, we’re closing this “best of” series with our top posts on life in luxury land, and the true meaning of a luxurious experience.

why buy a dream luxury car when you can just share one?

What’s your dream car? For a long time, ours was a silver BMW convertible. Our tastes have become quite a bit more expensive with the passage of time, so now we quietly lust after a McLaren 720S (0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, top speed 212 mph, yaaas). Whichever marque is your ideal, why wait, and save up, and invest in a single speed machine when you can join a subscription service and drive it tomorrow? And replace it when you tire of it? It’s nice to share.

Share Luxury Jewels to Make this Party Season Sparkle

It’s full-tilt party season, and if you’re like many people, you’re already wishing that your jewelry box was better stocked. Depending on your social calendar, you may be attending a dozen parties (or more) and if you want to shine at all of them, it would be really fun to show up sporting new baubles every time. In the past, this would have been a hopeless dream for most of us. Even raiding the caches of our mothers, sisters, and besties wouldn’t really suffice. But thanks to the sharing economy, the dream is becoming a reality. Yay! If you need more bling in your life, and you’re willing to share with other like-minded people, read on.