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5 Coveted Home Décor Buys in the New Maximalist Trend

5 Coveted Home Décor Buys in the New Maximalist Trend

New year, new luxury home décor trends to explore and play around with. We consulted the experts, and now we’re sharing the 2021 luxury home and interior design trends to know, along with the top 5 coveted home décor furniture buys in the maximalist 1970’s aesthetic. Since we’re stuck inside for while longer, why not redecorate? Or at least dream a little dream.  Spoiler alert: for 2021, being on-trend means embracing that ’70’s show.

Why “Gorpcore” May be the Best New 2021 Fashion Trend Yet

What is “Gorpcore,” and who is it for? The hot fashion trends for 2021 are becoming more clear, and most are the direct result of life during lockdown for COVID-19. From “ath-flow” to “gorpcore,” there’s a whole new way to dress for work and play right now. One of them is the confluence of camping and street style. Looks that go from the office to the Great Outdoors. Our correspondent Funto Omojola has done the research. And she’s sharing what you need to know about the “gorpcore” luxury fashion trend (also known as hikingcore and “camping chic”); top brands and expert stylist tips on how to wear gorpcore.

The sleep drinks and waters that best aid sleepiness, including teas, herbals, sleep shots, and melatonin and magnesium infused beverages

The 10 New Drinks That Promise Easy Deep Sleep

To sleep, perchance to dream . . . is one of your 2021 goals to get more shut-eye? A plethora of brands are eager to lend a hand, and our correspondent Lindsey Graham has assessed one of the newest categories of entrants to this field of dreams. Sleep-inducing drinks – also known as “sleep drinks” or “sleep waters” – are The New Thing. Here’s the rundown on the 10 new sleep drink beverages that promise to help you fall into an easy and deep sleep, including teas, herbals, sleep shots, and melatonin- and magnesium-infused beverages. And what could be more of a luxury than that? To drift off to the Land of Nod easily – no matter what manner of stressors 2021 has in store.