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The 12 Best Snowboarding Luxury Resorts in the World

12 Best Snowboarding Luxury Resorts Right Now in the World

Lots of people ask about the best places for a ski vacation in America or in Europe, and we’ve shared our insider’s guides on both of those pressing matters. But what are the best places for a luxury snowboarding vacation? You know, places with great terrain parks, monster half-pipes, a chill vibe and respect (not resentment) for the sport. Our intrepid correspondent and long-time snowboarder Lindsey Graham shares her research on the 12 best places in the world to find luxury snowboarding resorts. Ready to ride?

top trends and best new fashion looks for women in performance ski wear for the winter of 2021-22

15 Top Trends and Best New Looks in Performance Ski Fashion 2021-22

For a certain kind of person, one of the best headlines of the year is “the ski shop is open!” Because that means that soon, mountain resorts will be opening, snow will be falling, and those of us who are passionate about snow sports will head out for another season of winter adventures. Cannot. Wait. If you’re similarly inclined, here’s our roundup of the top trends and best new luxury fashion looks for women in performance ski wear for the winter of 2021-22, including ski suits, jackets, base layers and more. Our focus is on the brands and styles that can withstand actual skiing and snowboarding. Of course, even if you don’t ski or ride, you’re welcome to peruse this list – because rocking these looks après ski will keep you on trend all winter long. So let’s go!

best luxury resorts for a safe ski vacation in winter 2021

The 14 Best Luxury Ski Resorts for a Safe 2021 Vacation

Given all of the travel restrictions related to the coronavirus, what are the best hotels and resorts for a safe and relaxing luxury ski vacation in 2021? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has researched this pressing matter, and she’s sharing our list of the 14 best luxury ski resorts in the U.S. where you’ve got good odds for a safe family ski resort vacation, romantic holiday, or girls trip this winter 2021.

the Best 2020 Luxury Ski Wear

Light up the Slopes with the Best 2020 Luxury Ski Wear

Winter is coming. But will we actually get to ski? Or snowboard, or snowshoe, or even have a good old fashioned community snowball fight? This is what we’re reduced to in 2020, dear reader. Noses pressed against the window, hoping for snow. Sipping hot chocolate and longing for the perennial joys of the winter season and snow sports. We’re gonna think positively and plan for the best. Which means it’s time to hit the ski shop! Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of  what to buy in the best winter 2020-21 luxury designer fashion ski wear, accessories, apparel and gear, including jackets, pants, hats, gloves, and goggles. Let it snow!