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How to Dress Kids for Winter in the Best Luxury Outdoor Gear

How to Dress Kids for Winter in the Best Luxury Outdoor Gear

Winter is slowly approaching and that means snow and cold air.  But that doesn’t mean your children have to stay inside. It just means you have to dress them properly! Are you looking for the best luxury outdoor kids’ clothing to buy this season? Our correspondent and mother of three Jillian Tangen has curated a list of the best luxury outdoor attire, gear and accessories for kids right now; our guide to how to dress the big kids and children in your life for outdoor fun and games this winter.

The best luxury apres-ski looks this year

The Best Luxury Looks for Après-Ski This Year

Team Snow, look alive! This one is for you. As much as we love to ski and snowboard (and as you know, we really do), the sweetest part of a ski weekend can be après-ski. When we ask friends about the best places in the world to ski, part of the conversation is always about what there is do after everyone comes off the mountain. Which leads us to an even more pressing question: what to wear après-ski? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has come to our rescue with her style tips on the the best luxury looks for après-ski this year.

best designer luxury puffer jackets fall-winter 2019-20

A Rainbow of the Best Luxury Puffer Jackets This Winter

Make a statement on the street or on the slopes with a super-saturated colorful puffer jacket this season. There’s a gorgeous array of colors from which to choose right now. So grab a quilted puffer jacket in your favorite color of the rainbow and light up the winter. Pink, blue, metallic, red and green, these are our picks for the best designer luxury puffer jackets in every color of the rainbow fall-winter 2019-20. 

why do people love to ski and snowboard?

Why Do People Love to Ski and Snowboard?

With the official start of winter nearly here, and ski resorts all over the world opening for the season, this seems like a great moment to address a profound question in the sphere of winter wellness: why do people love to ski and snowboard? Said another way, why would anyone in their right mind voluntarily choose to don clunky heavy boots, several layers of clothing, a helmet, face mask  and googles, and then strap two sticks or an over-sized skate board to their feet and hurl themselves headlong down a mountain? Unless they were being pursued by a bear, or the Huns, or creating a YouTube video, really, what’s the point? Dear reader, we’re glad you asked. In our view, here are the top reasons that people love to ski and snowboard.