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Best luxury destination spa for weekend trip with the girls for bachelorette getaway, a sister vacation or an even extended mom's night out.

The 7 Best Destination Spas for a Weekend Trip with the Girls

One of the greatest joys in life is hanging out with your girlfriends. And while you can always meet in town, there’s real magic in planning a girl’s getaway trip. Especially over the summer! Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of 7 of the best luxury destination spas for a weekend trip with the girls, whether its a bachelorette getaway, a sister vacation or an extended mom’s night out.

How to experience the potential benefits of the cold water plunge therapy trend at a luxury spa, or by using cool tech tools at home

The Hot New Luxury Spa Treatment of 2022 is Cold Water Plunge

It’s official. Those “Polar Bear” clubs had it right all along. The hot new luxury spa treatment of 2022 is the cold water plunge. How is jumping into freezing cold water therapeutic, you ask? Devotees swear that it reduces anxiety. We feel anxious just thinking about it. Thankfully, our correspondent Jillian Tangen has answers, and she’s sharing 5 invigorating ways to experience the benefits of cold water plunge therapy at a luxury spa, or with cool new tech tools at home, right now.

What is forest bathing? How to experience the natural luxury of forest bathing, which means gaining wellness by spending time in the woods

How To Experience The Natural Luxury Of Forest Bathing

What is forest bathing?  It’s said to be “the medicine of simply being in the forest. ” Developed in Japan during the 1980’s, the practice has become an important element of preventive health care and healing far beyond the nation’s borders. We decided to try it recently, and we’re all in. Here’s how to experience the natural luxury of forest bathing and its benefits.

What are the best luxury travel vacations destinations out in nature for summer 2020?

The Best Luxury Vacations This Summer Out in Nature

After so much time indoors during the Great Lockdown, as we debate the ideal summer vacation for 2020, we keep coming back to the same idea: we want to get close to nature! But we still want to kick it luxury style when it comes to food and lodging. If you’re similarly inclined, our intrepid correspondent Julie Chang Murphy is breaking down the best destinations for a luxury vacation out in nature this summer 2020.