what to wear to spring chic in April 2020

What to Wear to be Spring Chic in the Month of April

Are you staring into your closet and wondering what to wear in April 2020, dear reader? We’ve got ideas and style inspiration on what to wear in April 2020 for working-from-home, daytime (socially distanced) walks, chilling on the weekend, virtual date night and even the spring break vacation we’re going on only in our dreams. Spoiler alert: think green.

The best chic hair accessories for spring summer 2020

It’s Easier to be Chic With the Right Hair Accessories

Whether you’re on vacation, or a long business trip, or on a mandatory WFH stretch thanks to COVID-19, you don’t have to give up on glamour just because there’s no professional hair salon available. In fact, the silver lining of having to do your own hair for an extended stretch is that you’ll see that it’s easy (or at least easier than one might think) to be chic with the right hair accessories. Here’s some of the best on-trend hair jewelry, scrunchies, barrettes and scarves for spring summer 2020.

chunky designer hiking sandals for women spring summer 2020

The Best Designer Luxury Sport-Inspired Hiking Sandals

Even in this era of social distancing, you can still take a walk or a hike in the great outdoors. Or in your own urban neighborhood. Whether you’re perambulating on a city street or a hilly slope, our friends in the world of fashion have given us something new this season. The luxury designer sport hiking trekking sandal. And the hybrid sneaker-sandal. If you’re ready for a walk on the wild side, have a look at the best new designer luxury sport-inspired hiking sandals for spring summer 2020. And learn how to style the hiking sandal in a way that works for you.

the best chic happy yellow designer fashion this spring summer 2020

The Best Chic Happy Yellow Designer Fashion This Season

Given the current times, we all need to choose our wardrobe colors carefully. If you – like many of us – find that your mood is highly effected by color, this might be a good time to abandon the somber and opt for the seratonin-boosting.  It seems well-settled that the color yellow is a huge mood booster. So we’ve rounded up the best chic happy yellow designer fashion, including shoes, bags and dresses, this season.