Chic Stars and Stripes to Celebrate July 4th This Year

Chic Stars and Stripes to Celebrate July 4th This Year

What to wear on July 4th weekend that shows some patriotic spirit but that doesn’t violate any of the style codes that are still in force despite the current pandemic? Is it even possible to rock red, white and blue fashion or anything that nods to the American flag without looking lame? Fear not, dear patriot. We’ve found chic designer fashion with stars and stripes perfect to celebrate July 4th this year – and to wear happily for the rest of the summer, too.

what are the best large luxury tote bags of summer 2020?

Why the Big Luxury Tote is the “It” Bag This Summer

Why is the big (over-sized, huge, giant) luxury tote the “it” bag this summer? Call it a sign of the times, dear reader. We all have to travel these days with a bunch of new accouterments – face mask, hand sanitizer, towel or mat to sit on when we ride the subway. And we still need all the usual stuff: sunscreen, snacks, sunglasses, etc. A tiny nano bag just isn’t going to get the job done. Happily, there are lots of gorgeous over-sized luxury designer tote and beach bags out there right now – here are some of our best favorites to grab and go in summer 2020.

is the mini or the midi or the maxi the best dress of summer 2020?

The Mini Takes on the Midi for the Best Dress of Summer

There are at least two kinds of people in the world: the ones who believe that the perfect dress for the summer is a flirtatious mini. And the ones who much prefer a chic soignee midi. Which team are you on? Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we decided it was time for a head-on competition. So, right here, right now, the mini takes on the midi (or maxi dress, if you prefer) for the best dress of summer 2020. It’s. On.

the best luxury fashion designer loungewear for summer

What is the Best Luxury Summer Loungewear Right Now?

Since  early spring, lots of us have been living in loungewear (which is basically a fancy word for sweatpants) while we work and try to teach our kids from home. But now we’re wondering what to wear that’s just as comfortable, but lighter for summer days. Our correspondent Julie Murphy Chang has answers! For work or vacation, here is the best chic luxury designer summer loungewear right now to stay comfortable and chic, in every color of the rainbow.