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eco-friendly nail care

How to Be Eco-friendly When Caring For Your Nails

Is it possible to care for our nails without introducing toxins into our systems and while caring for the environment? Dear reader, our ace correspondent Jillian Tangen has the scoop on non-toxic and cruelty-free nail care, whether at home or at the salon. Here’s how to care for nails in an eco-friendly way, including expert tips from Brooklyn-based cruelty-free nail salon Lili and Cata. 

CONNECT, BTS global public art sponsorship

CONNECT BTS is a Stunning Art Project You Have To See

Musicians and artists are natural allies, and every now and then something truly brilliant occurs when the two meet. A happy collision of that type is unfolding right now in 5 cities – and it has already resulted in some new world records. South Korean K-pop band BTS has provided funding for a global public art project – called CONNECT, BTS – on a truly impressive scale. Have a look at what the seven-member band is doing to bring something new and beautiful into the world.

the best places to buy luxury indoor house plants online sites or in retail stores right now

The Best Places in the World to Buy Luxury House Plants

Having a collection of thriving and beautiful house plants has become a status marker almost as powerful as wearing the new Apple AirPod Pros. What’s behind all the plant love? And what’s the best way to build a collection of luxurious greenery in your home? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the facts behind the trend – and she’s also curated a list of the best sources for purchasing house plants right now. Online and in-store at retail, these are the best brands and places to buy luxurious indoor house plants.