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Our Picks for the Best New Luxury Tech of the Decade
In a decade of head-spinning, rapid and deeply transformational technological advances, which of the many new products, services and tech gadgets merit addition to the top 10 list of the best new tech innovations of the decade? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has compiled our picks of the 10 best new luxury tech innovations of the past decade.
Luxury Fashion Brands Get in the Game with VR and Video
The hottest new luxury collaboration? It's not between a global luxury fashion brand and an artist. It's a partnership between a global luxury fashion brand and a game developer. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen explores how and why traditional global luxury fashion brands are aggressively getting into virtual reality (VR) and video gaming.
the best travel apps to book a hotel at the last minute
Part of the hustle is that sometimes you have to travel at the last minute. A meeting runs late. Or a flight gets delayed. And you get stuck in an airport for multiple hours. Or you hit the wall and just need to get out of Dodge, fast. Should you find yourself in such a situation, what's the most efficient way to book a decent local hotel on really short notice? And how can you be sure that you're not checking into the Bates Motel because you're desperate for a place to lay your head for a few hours? Correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has sussed out the best travel apps to book a hotel at the last minute.
The Best Luxury Home Coffee Makers in the World
It's a Golden Age of coffee, whether at home or away. But how do you get a truly great cup? We've shared the best places to get a cup of Joe in New York City. Now, our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum turns her attention to how to make great coffee at home. Especially when money is no object. Here's our list of the best luxury home coffee makers in the world right now. They're expensive - but they'll definitely get it right, every time.
What’s the best fitness tracker on the market right now?
In recent weeks, we’ve noticed a pronounced increase in the number of stylish people who wear multiple items on their wrists at work: a watch, a bracelet or two, and a fitness tracker. Maybe we’ve noticed it more because we’re in the market for one ourselves. We’ve been on a wellness quest, and we’re ready to start counting our steps. But is it possible to find a fitness tracker that works well with our work wardrobe? Or do we have to sacrifice style for steps?
Is your mirror as smart as you are?
Mirror, mirror, on the wall – you’re freaking us out because you seem to know all. It’s not a dream (or a nightmare) dear reader. Smart mirrors are now a Thing. In addition to reflecting back what they see, these new magic multi-tasking mirrors can double as lighting devices, entertainment systems, and even health trackers. Here are the retail stores and brands that allow you to experience this latest advance in luxury technology.
The Best New Aids for a Luxurious Night’s Sleep
If sleep is the new elite status symbol, then how can we all get more of it? Does throwing money and/or technology at the problem help? Lots of brands would like us to believe that the answer is an emphatic yes. The world of luxury sleep aids is booming. And that’s part of the problem. Just try to make sense of it: every week there are new sleep gadgets to sort through, rediscovered ancient remedies, and new medical research reports – plus there are all those things your parents told you to do when you were a kid (hot milk, anyone?).
Why Go Alone When You Can Travel with a Selfie Drone?
Selfie sticks are SO last year. For your next vacation, you should bring along the next cool thing in luxury tech: a drone that will follow you down the mountain, or through the waves, or hover beside you at poolside, all in the service of documenting you at your holiday best, even if you’re vacationing solo. What happens when you combine a drone, a GPS and a small digital camera? The selfie drone! Just in time for holiday vacations, there’s a new way to document and share every moment of your life. Drones are getting smaller and smarter, and the next generation of them have “follow me” capability. Meaning that if you have a GPS on your person, the drone can tag along behind you (actually, above and behind you), with no additional input or steering from you, and it can capture all of your exploits for posting (from only your best angles, of course). Mind. Blown.
Is Smart Luxury Technology Making Us All Really Stupid?
Nike launched the HyperAdapt, its first self-tying shoe, at the beginning of December – some in the press heralded the long-awaited moment as “Back to the Future 2” finally coming to life. And it’s hard not to smile at the thought of magical shoe laces: animating prosaic objects into self-determined, chatty and charming companions has made Disney a fortune (NB: FrozenBeauty and the Beast). So it’s hard to imagine how Nike could go wrong with this idea, even at the rather ambitious price point of $720 per pair. Surely version 2.0 will be able to chat with you as you prepare to head out for a run, and perhaps even coach you as you exercise.
Three Ways to Make Pokemon Go Actually Luxurious
Unless you have been hiding underground or you’re on an extended beach vacation, surely by now you know that Pokémon Go is the new viral sensation sweeping the globe. Now available in most countries around the globe (with the exception of Saudi Arabia where it has been banned) the game, a mash-up of AR and Pokémon, has captured the imaginations of legions of users, and had some very interesting second-and third-order effects even in its first week post-launch. Players are clearly having great fun, but they’ve also been robbed, accused of trespassing, and scolded for making noise in the middle of the night.

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