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the best films movies set on or around Thanksgiving

15 Best Movies to Watch for a Home Marathon This Thanksgiving

What’s not to love about Thanksgiving? Food, family, friends, football, and the last of the fall leaves. It’s one of our all-time favorites, and we thought a family friendly Thanksgiving movie marathon in the comfort of your own home might be an excellent way to welcome the holiday. Our expert on all things cinematic, Abbie Martin Greenbaum, has curated a list of 15 of the best films set on or around Thanksgiving that are perfect for a movie marathon this year..

What is the Best Online Gourmet Thanksgiving Food?

Hosting Thanksgiving at your house? Or spending the day at someone else’s home, but need a side dish or a dessert to contribute to the feast? Or perhaps you have a vegan or vegetarian guest and you want to serve them something they’ll love, but don’t have the skills/time/cookware/patience to make it yourself? No worries. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of the best places to order gourmet mail-order Thanksgiving food (or an entire dinner) online in 2021, including appetizers, turkeys, side dishes and desserts. And no, it’s not cheating. These are so good, your fellow guests will be forever thankful to you for not trying to make them yourself.

The Best Podcasts to Listen to This Thanksgiving

10 best podcasts to get into a good place for Thanksgiving 2021

With so many changes in our holiday traditions this year, here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’ve been feeling the need for some good old-school Thanksgiving feelings. And happily, we’ve found music, books, movies, and fragrance to get us into a Thanksgiving groove. Now we’re turning our attention to podcasts that can help us feel the warmth and gratitude of the season, Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of the 10 best Thanksgiving podcasts to listen to right now.