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The Most Elite Summer Equestrian Events in the World 

As summer kicks into full swing, so does the world of equestrian sports. July, August and early September are home to some of the best events in horse sport and horse racing. And also to some of the best fashion and people-watching you’ll find in the summer months. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has rounded up the most elite summer equestrian events in the world for 2019.

How to Find a Perfect Luxury Rental in the Hamptons 2019

Looking for the perfect home to rent in the Hamptons for summer 2019? Have a look at our 9-step guide to finding the perfect luxury rental. And assess one which of the 7 social groups in the Hamptons suits you best. Then check out some of the specific fun facts and good things to know that we’ve uncovered, as well as some specific properties that are currently for rent that caught our eye. We’ve also noted our favorite hotels and restaurants, should you decide to visit before you make your final rental decision. Summer’s almost here.

what you need to know about socializing in the Hamptons

What You Need to Know About Socializing in the Hamptons

People speak of the iconic summer playground of the New York elite – “the Hamptons” – as if it were one destination with one vibe. But dear reader, that’s just not so. There are seven distinct social circles in the Hamptons, and they tend to convene in specific places. Here’s our guide to what you need to know about socializing in the Hamptons – ’cause once you understand that, the rest is easy.