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glamping Governor's Island

What You Need to Know about Governor’s Island Glamping

A brilliant view of the Statue of Liberty, a wide open field, a nighttime campfire. What does it take to experience such luxuries? A glamping trip to Governor’s Island. Our adventurous correspondent Julie Chang Murphy is sharing her luxury insider tips on a recent overnight there. Here’s what you need to know about glamping on Governor’s Island in New York.

Frieze Sculpture London 2019

Splendor in the Grass: Stunning Freize Sculpture London

Combining fresh air and contemporary art has proven to be a winning formula in several of our adventures this summer. Further proof is the annual Freize Sculpture show in the Avenue and English Gardens in Regent’s Park in London. The installation transforms the park into one of the most stunning sculpture gardens in the world, for just a short period of time. Visiting is a magical experience. Here are the highlights of Freize Sculpture 2019.

best artist-designed swimming pools in the world

The Best Artist-Designed Swimming Pools in the World

This summer has seen heat waves sweep across the continental US and most of Western Europe. Which got us to thinking about swimming pools. Then a message crossed our desks about a gorgeous artist-designed swimming pool in Edinburgh that will be open to the public until the third week of August. Which made us wonder: are there other artist-designed swimming pools? Turns out there are. Here are 10 of the best artist designed swimming pools in the world. We’d love to take a cooling dip in almost every one of them (we’re looking at you, number 10).