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the best luxury trains in the world including travel itineraries in Europe, Asia, Canada and the U.S.

7 Most Glamorous and Immersive Luxury Train Journeys

The experts predict that the golden age of train travel is returning this year. The romance of it, the slower pace, the potential for meeting new people – and in some cases, the lower carbon footprint – are all making trains a highly attractive way to travel on a luxury vacation. Of course, the current chaos at airports in this post-pandemic era is another compelling reason to ride the rails. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of 7 of the best, most glamorous luxury train journeys in the world, including travel itineraries in Europe, Asia, Canada and more.

photos of the new Moynihan Trail Hall in New York City. Copyright Dandelion Chandelier LLC.

First Light at the Stunning Moynihan Train Hall in New York

New York City is a dazzling, electric metropolis. Yet for almost 60 years, arriving in Gotham on an Amtrak train would make one believe they’d just entered a drab, unkempt city with no ambition to be anything more. New York Penn Station is many things. But soaring and inspiring, it’s not. But with a new year has come a new look. And now the West Side of Manhattan has an arrival (and departure) hall to rival the glories of its crosstown neighbor Grand Central Station. We’re sharing photos of first light at the stunning Moynihan Train Hall in New York City, including the contemporary art and the food and drink options. Spoiler alert: it’s a space worthy of the magnificent city it represents.

stunning beauty on the train in Skagway, Alaska

stunning beauty on the train in skagway alaska

If you’re taking a cruise, or otherwise planning to be in Skagway, Alaska, we highly recommend taking a ride on the vintage White Pass and Yukon Route train while you’re there. We did recently as part of a 7-day voyage on Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Bliss. (Full disclosure – the author is a board member of the ship’s parent company). Here’s our report on the stunning beauty you’ll find on the train in Skagway, Alaska.