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beautiful influential famous paintings about summer

The Most Evocative and Beautiful Paintings about Summer

Memorial Day weekend is fast-approaching, and with it the unofficial start to the summer season. So we decided to take a journey through the world of paintings to find the most influential, beautiful, famous and evocative masterpieces – both historical and contemporary – on the season of summer and the joys of summertime. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of some of the most stunning paintings we could find that will help us all get in the mood for the arrival of the summer season.

artistic artist-designed face masks for COVID 19

The Most Stunning Artist-Designed Face Masks Right Now

Now that many of us are going to be wearing a protective face mask whenever we leave home for the foreseeable future, some of us are exploring how to make them work with our overall style sensibility. If you’re among the multitudes of people looking for a way to turn this necessary new accessory into a way to express some style and personality, read on. Previously, we shared our top picks of the chic luxury designer fashion brands producing protective face masks. Now we investigate the most stunning artist-designed statement face masks available to the general public right now. In addition to a personal style statement and a functional protective layer, many of these face masks designed by contemporary artists are artistic works that poignantly memorialize this devastating era of COVID-19.