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famous works of art about food, simple meals and feasting

The Most Famous and Provocative Works of Art About Food

With the feasting season upon us, it seemed like the perfect moment to turn our attention to how brilliant artists throughout history have portrayed food, simple meals, and feasting. What role has food and dining played in great art? And how about art that’s actually made of food? Hungry for knowledge? Come along, dear reader. Here are some of the most famous and provocative works of art about food, simple meals and feasting that caught our eye when we went exploring.

The top wellness trends of 2020 you need to know now

The Top New Wellness Trends You Need to Know for 2020

As the start of a new year approaches, we – like so many – resolve to be more fit, to eat healthier food, and to achieve serenity. Sure, we’re likely to fall short. But hope springs eternal – and small steps forward are still helpful to our long-term well-being. Wondering how to increase wellness and well-being in the new year? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy (kick-boxing instructor extraordinaire) has researched the top new wellness trends you need to know for 2020.