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the best luxury fitness and sports events in August 2019

The Best in Sports and Luxury Fitness in August

The Dandelion Chandelier Calendar for Sports and Luxury Fitness showcases the best events and experiences around the world. These are the best events and new products in sports and luxury fitness in August 2019, including running, pro sports leagues, horse racing, tennis and golf. For the full August 2019 Luxury Calendar, click here.

The Luxury Gift Guide: The Best for Fitness and Outdoors

Everyone has a fitness buff on their gift list. Or someone who is happiest when they’re hiking, kayaking or otherwise doing something active outdoors. What’s the best luxury gift for the person who is extremely serious about fitness, whether they do a home workout or exercise at a studio? Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy (who teaches kick-boxing in her free time) has the answers. Here’s our luxury gift guide of the best presents for those who love the Great Outdoors, or yoga, or who are focused on fitness. And hey – you might want to buy a couple of these for yourself, too!

best professional home organizing consultants

the best professional home organizing consultants

In our ongoing quest for serenity, we’ve explored books to inspire us to tidy up our living spaces. We’ve assessed ways to monetize and recycle the furniture and apparel that we no longer need. But what if you’re stuck at Phase 1, which is getting your house in order? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the solution. Here, she shares the best professional home organizing consultants. If you need help de-cluttering your home, one of them may be just the catalyst you need.