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The best most anticipated new novels, poetry collections and non-fiction book releases to read among the books coming out in May 2022.

The 25 Best New Novels and Non-Fiction Books to Buy in May 2022

New month, new books! Book Light is our Dandelion Chandelier curated list of the most-anticipated new book releases every month, and next up is May 2022. So what are the best new new novels, poetry and essay collections, memoirs and other non-fiction books to read coming out in May 2022? Our intrepid team has been exploring and here’s what we found: 35 new book releases coming soon that we cannot wait to read.

best inspiring, most popular and most iconic poems written by leading black and African American poets

What are the Best Poems about the Black Experience in America?

As a nation, we remain in a moment when many people continue to earnestly try to learn more about how Black people experience life in America. And many of us who are Black are in search of solace, inspiration and reminders of our heritage and the legacy of our forbearers. There are several ways to do that effectively. One is by reading poetry. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has gathered a list of some of the best inspiring, most popular and most iconic poems written by leading Black and African American poets about the Black experience in America. Here you will find voices from many generations of writers, including some who are creating brilliant work today. Any one of these would be perfect poems to read right now to better understand the lived experience of African Americans. And to celebrate the laureates who give voice to our community.

Our list of novels and non-fiction books that capture the feel of the month: our top picks for what to read in the month of April.

15 Perfect Books to Read Now to Feel the Month of April

What are the best books to read in April 2022? Here’s our take on the best novels, poetry and essay collections and other non-fiction books to read that capture the mood, the vibe and the feel of the month of April, when something new is being born. Or perhaps something old is struggling mightily to be reborn. These are great reads not just for this April. They’re perfect for any April.

The best Nordic Noir Easter crime books and thriller movies of 2022, including streaming TV shows, to join the Norwegian holiday tradition.

10 Nordic Noir Books and Thrilling Movies Best for Easter 2022

Easter is approaching, and with it come some unusual traditions around the world. For example, did you know a Nordic Easter involves crime solving? In Norway, it’s a beloved annual holiday activity. If you want to join in the fun, read on. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has curated a list of the best Nordic Noir Easter crime books and movies of 2022, including streaming TV shows.