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the best New Year's Eve movies of all time

What Are the Best New Year’s Eve Movies of All Time?

Love it or dread it, New Year’s Eve (NYE) is fast approaching.  If you decide to stay in and make it a New Year’s Eve movie marathon, what should you watch? What are the best films to watch on New Year’s Eve?  Which movies actually help make some sense of this momentous time of year? What are the best New Year’s Eve movies and films of all time? Our resident cineaste and film expert Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of exemplary movies with scenes set on New Year’s Eve. Grab some popcorn and read on.

how to see beloved holiday movie on the big screen

How to Watch a Beloved Holiday Movie on a Big Screen

As we compiled our list of the best holiday-themed movies of all time, we discovered that watching them at home is but one option. Of course, cuddling up with a cozy blanket and some snacks in your PJ’s is one way to go. But if you want to make watching a beloved classic holiday movie into a bigger event, head to a theater holding a holiday film festival on the big screen. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum shares how to watch your favorite film on a big screen this holiday season in cities across the US.