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If you're wondering what to give an oenophile this holiday, check out our ultimate luxury gift shop with the best gifts for wine lovers.
Holiday Luxury Gift Shop: The 20 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers
Looking for a perfect gift for the sophisticated and savvy people on your list? If your luxury gift recipient is an oenophile, and your budget won't cover a case of the best Bordeaux, fear not. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated our ultimate luxury gift shop filled with the best gifts for the oenophile and…
15 Best Brands to Craft the Perfect Summer Drink, a Pink G&T
Outdoor entertaining season is here, and with it every year come new ideas for refreshing cocktails that also make for great social media posts. And while you may have heard a lot about the Dirty Shirley and the Espresso Martini as "it" drinks of the season, we’re still in the thrall of our personal summer favorite: the pink G&T. Millennial pink gin is the basis for a perfectly pretty and refreshing cocktail, and here’s how to make a proper drink with the best premium brands and tonic.
Is Blue Craft Beer What the Cool Kids will be Drinking This Summer 2022?
Is blue craft beer what the cool kids will be drinking this summer 2022? Maybe. Blue beer is A Thing in certain quarters and it might be poised for a breakout. If you're intrigued, our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum shares what makes beer blue and offers 10 of the best on trend blue craft beer brands - including Line, Harlem and Widowmaker - to try this summer 2022.
The 10 Best Summer White Wines Perfect to Drink Right Now
Memorial Day is the official start of the "summer whites" season, when crisp white tees, tanks, shoes, sneakers, bags and jeans are all permissible under even the strictest dress codes. We've been exploring the best summer white fashions in recent posts. But what about summer white wines? To leave no stone unturned, we decided to investigate this urgent matter. We scoured; Food & Wine; Travel & Leisure; and several other sources, and synthesized their recommendations across a broad range of options, including organic wines. These are the expert picks for the best white wines to buy in a bottle, can or box for parties and other celebrations this summer 2022, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and more.
Host Parties in Style with a Chic Practical Luxury Bar Trolley
Entertaining season is here, and you may be planning to host a party at some point in the coming weeks. One infallible way to add style to your soirée? Two words, dear reader: bar cart (aka, bar trolley). It's easy to host the best party at your home with a chic practical luxury drinks trolley or one of the designer bar carts available now. They're both functional and fun. And there's one out there that's perfect for you.
Why the Dirty Shirley is a Top TikTok Trend to Try Right Now
Every summer has its own unique elements. The Song of the Summer, for example. The Shoe of the Summer. And of course, the Drink of the Summer. It's early days, but the Summer of 2022 is shaping up to be the Dirty Shirley Summer. Which actually sounds pretty good to us, given all that we've been through in the past couple of years. But what's a Dirty Shirley, how do you make one,  and why is it trending as the "it" drink right now? We've got answers, dear reader. Just read on.
8 Bartender Secrets and New Tools Best to Save Leftover Champagne
Surely you've had this dilemma: you've sprung for a premium luxury bottle of champagne or sparkling wine, and there's a significant amount left in the bottle when the celebration ends. Now what? Pour it out? Ouch. Drink the rest yourself? Maybe not . . . Preserve it and keep the bubbles fizzy until the mood strikes again? It may sound unlikely, but it's actually possible to save that bottle, dear reader. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy investigated, and she's sharing bartender secrets and new stoppers and gadgets best to save expensive leftover champagne and keep it fizzy for days after the party ends.
Holiday Gift Shop 2021: the Best Luxury Gifts in Gourmet Food and Drink
Looking for a gift for someone special? You can never go wrong with a gift of artisanal gourmet food and drink, especially at holiday time. Here is our round up of our holiday 2021 gift shop guide with some of most delicious artisanal food and drink perfect for the gourmet lovers on your list this year. subscribe…
Designer Vera Wang Makes a Summer 2021 Party Great with a Tasty New Bubbly
Fashion designer Vera Wang knows a thing or two about festive occasions. She's been designing wedding gowns, evening gowns and festive ready-to-wear outfits for celebrities and the rest of us for years. But now, she's taking the idea of a chic party up a notch, with a new bubbly brand of the sparkling Italian wine prosecco called - wait for it - PARTY. Our correspondent Meredith Lepore shares what she learned during her interview with Vera Wang about her new brand of bubbly, PARTY prosecco, which sounds like the perfect drink for post-pandemic celebrations this summer 2021. Let's pop the cork, people!
Why Wine in a Box is the Perfect Solution to Luxury on the Go
First it was the screw top. Then the aluminum can. And now? The cardboard box. Is there nothing sacred about the containers that hold fine wine anymore? Here's why fine wine in a box is the best solution when you're looking for luxury on the go, with our take on the best brands to buy right now for summer 2021 adventures and entertaining.
5 Wine Trends Best to Know When Entertaining in Summer 2022
Hosting summer festivities at your house this year? Or spending the day at someone else's home, and looking for a bottle of wine to bring over? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy shares her conversation with Regine Rousseau about her wine company and her expert recommendations on the 7 wine trends to know and the best labels to buy when entertaining in Summer 2022.
What are the Top New Trends to Love in 2021 Summer Cocktails?
What will you be drinking this summer? Last year it was all about White Claw. Is there a new contender this summer for Cocktail of the The Moment? And will it come in a can? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has the scoop on the top trends in 2021 summer cocktails, including sparkling wine, spirits from Japan and non-alcoholic party drinks.
What are the Top Female-Run Brands Making Premium Whiskey?
Whiskey and women? For too long, fine spirits - especially whisky (or whiskey) - have been the domain of male distillers and drinkers. But it's a new day and there are new names to know now. In honor of Women's History Month, our correspondent Jillian Tangen sat down with Julia Ritz Toffoli and asked her to share her favorite female-run whiskey brands and distillers right now. So if you're wondering what premium whiskey brands and distilleries are owned and run by women, here are 5 names to know in the world of luxury spirits. 
6 New Ways to Make Clear Cocktail Ice Spheres and Cubes
Looking for a micro-luxury? A wonderful and delicious experience that won't break your budget? One word, dear reader: ice. Crystal clear artisanal ice is a luxury that many craft cocktail, whisky, and spirits drinkers swear by. Since we're all stuck at home this winter thanks to COVID-19, we have to become our own master mixologists. And ice is essential to that effort. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has all the info we need. Here's how to make (and where to buy) crystal clear ice cubes, ice balls and spheres that are perfect for cocktails and whiskey whenever the closest bar has to be the one at your home.

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