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female-run premium whiskey brands and distilleries

What are the Top Female-Run Brands Making Premium Whiskey?

Whiskey and women? For too long, fine spirits – especially whisky (or whiskey) – have been the domain of male distillers and drinkers. But it’s a new day and there are new names to know now. In honor of Women’s History Month, our correspondent Jillian Tangen sat down with Julia Ritz Toffoli and asked her to share her favorite female-run whiskey brands and distillers right now. So if you’re wondering what premium whiskey brands and distilleries are owned and run by women, here are 5 names to know in the world of luxury spirits. 

Why Pink Gin Makes the Perfectly Pretty Modern New Cocktail

10 best brands in 2021 of New Luxury “It” Pink Drink Gin

Spring and summer entertaining season is nearly here, and with it every year come new ideas for refreshing cocktails that also make for great social media posts. So, what’s the “it” pink drink of the coming season? It’s all about the G&T, dear reader. Here’s why millennial pink gin is the basis for a perfectly pretty modern new cocktail, and how to make a proper drink with the best premium brands and tonic.

6 New Ways to Make Clear Cocktail Ice Spheres and Cubes

6 New Ways to Make Clear Cocktail Ice Spheres and Cubes

Looking for a micro-luxury? A wonderful and delicious experience that won’t break your budget? One word, dear reader: ice. Crystal clear artisanal ice is a luxury that many craft cocktail, whisky, and spirits drinkers swear by. Since we’re all stuck at home this winter thanks to COVID-19, we have to become our own master mixologists. And ice is essential to that effort. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has all the info we need. Here’s how to make (and where to buy) crystal clear ice cubes, ice balls and spheres that are perfect for cocktails and whiskey whenever the closest bar has to be the one at your home.

What are the Best Craft Beers to Spread Cheer this Winter?

What are the Best Craft Beers to Spread Cheer this Winter?

As we settle into the winter months, we’ve got some simple joys to look forward to. Quiet nights in front of the fireplace. Or not-so-quiet nights in front of a large screen TV. Whether your agenda includes watching lots of sports or reading lots of books, a great craft beer can be an excellent addition to the action. Our correspondent Jeanette Settembre has curated a list of 8 of the best craft beers to spread some cheer this winter holiday season and beyond, including IPA, stout and sour. Take that, coronavirus!

The ultimate luxury gift guide of the best gifts from France for Francophiles

The Ultimate Luxury Gift Guide: The Best from France

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who really loves Paris, and all things French? Perhaps someone who’s hooked on Emily in Paris and looking to keep that buzz going? For the Francophiles on your luxury gift list, we’ve got more than a dozen ideas to help get you started. Our correspondent Jeanette Settembre has curated our ultimate luxury holiday gift guide for Francophiles, with the best gifts and brands from France, for those who love Paris and all things French. If they cannot travel to France this year, you can help bring the joie de vivre home to them.