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12 Office Party Outfits Perfect to Stand Out and Stay On Trend 2021
Like it or not, back to the office for lots of us also means back to the office holiday party. That minefield of potential faux pas and cringe-inducing incidents. How do you dress for success, particularly at a time like this? Our ace correspondent Jillian Tangen has curated a list of what to wear: 12 luxury office party outfits that work perfectly to ensure you stand out and stay on trend this holiday 2021, including dresses, suits, blazers, skirts and accessories. Consider this a perfect opportunity to show up like a boss.
12 New Wardrobe Essentials Best for Heading Back to the Office
What are you planning to wear to work for the Great Office Return? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of 12 new work wardrobe essentials for women best for heading back to the office post pandemic, whether its this fall 2021, next winter or even next spring. Someday we'll be free to roam for real - so let's get those office outfits in place now.
Is “Power Casual” the New Normal Look to Embrace for Office Outfits?
Back to normal, back to the office, and back to needing work outfits! Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the new luxury post-pandemic work wardrobe essentials to buy and wear in the office, including jumpsuits, trousers, oversized shirts and sandals. If power casual is the new normal look we're supposed to embrace for our office outfits right now, here's how it's done.
Why Gucci’s New Diana Bag Hit Big This Summer in Luxury World
We all know that one of the litmus tests for whether or not one is truly a global icon is whether it takes a last name to identify you. Are you a one-word wonder, like Cher, Beyoncé, Oprah . . . or Diana? If so, your place in the pantheon is assured, sometimes for generations. And so it is with the late Princess Diana. Every generation "rediscovers" her appeal and the elements of her iconic fashion style. And tweaks it just a bit to make it their own. The latest example of this ongoing phenomenon is Gucci. This week, Alessandro Michele launched a new bag, the "Diana." And within days it has become all anyone wants to talk about when it comes to accessories. Here's what you need to know about why Gucci's new Diana bag has hit it big this summer in the world of luxury accessories as an "it" designer handbag and tote. Should you get one, you ask? Um . . . yeah.
5 Best Fashion Essentials for the New Home Office Hybrid Work Life
So, it seems that "hybrid" arrangements are the future of work for the majority of professionals. Meaning, some days in the office and some days continuing to work from home. But does that mean that now we need two work wardrobes? Ugh! Not to worry. Our ace correspondent Funto Omojola has spoken with the stylists and fashion experts Eileen Nguyen and Samantha Brown. And she's sharing their expert fashion tips on the 5 best ways to take your trusted work-from-home (WFH) wardrobe outfits back to your office in style. And vice versa. These essential wardrobe pieces will easily do double duty - making them the best work-from-home and office hybrid fashion out there right now.
The 3 Big Changes Post-COVID 2021 in Work Fashion for Men
Wither men's fashion as we emerge from the fog of the coronavirus pandemic in 2021? Having worked for a year now in sweatpants, shorts and tees, are even those in the most conservative professions really going back to tailored suits, ties and hard-soled shoes? Our correspondent Tomas White has a style report on the outlook for business attire for men as this year unfolds. Here's our take on how the coronavirus pandemic has changed work fashion in 2021 in 3 big and lasting ways for men in a post-COVID world.
What are The Best Jeans to Get the Job Done Like a Boss?
At the moment, we're all spending a lot more time indoors than usual. As a result, it may be time for some new jeans. We've been assessing how to dress for #WFH like a boss, and also how to accessorize for all those virtual happy hours. We've shared ideas on chic lounge wear and slippers. But how about that most essential of all wardrobe staples, denim? What are the best jeans right now for working from home and virtual happy hour? Here's how to up your designer jeans game with some chic new styles and timeless classics. These are the best jeans to get the job done like a boss.
The New Fashion Rules for a Chic Video Conference
Part of the new normal is Work From Home - #WFH. And of course, any monumental change of this type demands that we take a fresh look at our wardrobes, and how we present ourselves to the world, right? Among the many challenges that working boss women are facing right now is what fashion to wear when you're doing a WFH video conference with work colleagues or clients. Here are some ideas and style inspiration on how to nail "waist-up fashion."
How to Update Your Work Wardrobe this Spring Like a Boss
We've shared the cutting-edge trends for spring-summer 2019: the shoes, handbags and other accessories that the cool kids will be wearing this season. But what about those of us who have to think about the office? What should we wear to work this spring? No worries. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the answers. Here's how to update your work wardrobe this spring like a boss.
the best fall 2018 fashion for the boardroom and beyond
How should you dress when you want to convey power and authority? An important business meeting or daytime social engagement is the time to be bold, and to strike the right sartorial balance between safe and standout. Basically, you need to dress like a boss. The good news? This fall, there are lots of looks that will more than meet that need. Here are some of the "boardroom" looks that caught our eye in the fall-winter 2018 designer collections. Wear any one of these to your next big meeting, and you'll own the room.
the best of the fall 2018 luxury fashion looks for work
It's that time of year: back to school, back from the beach, back to work. There's no better time to do an edit of your professional attire and add a few pieces to update and refresh your go-to looks as we head into fall. We've previously shared our ideas about how to dress like a boss for the office. Here are some of the pieces from the fall-winter 2018 designer collections that would be great additions to a chic work wardrobe.
How To Look Smart at This Year’s CES
Las Vegas plus a lot of walking plus the presence of people you work with plus the tech elite in the house equals a very hard equation to solve when deciding on proper attire. That’s the fashion conundrum of the attendees at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The annual event, held January 5-8 this year, draws 100,000+ attendees and 50,000+ exhibitors from all over the world and all corners of tech, marketing, and entertainment.

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