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The Dandelion Chandelier Luminary List is a series of personal interviews with stellar achievers in their chosen field of endeavor. They’re sharing insights, stories, favorite things, tips and suggestions on ways to experience life luxuriously–product and service recommendations that are road-tested and Luminary-approved, and ways of viewing the world that are absolutely free.

This week’s Luminary is Trent Preszler, CEO of Bedell Cellars and Founder and Owner of Preszler Woodshop.

Tell us your favorite…


The gloaming. That color at the horizon right after sunset on the ocean, when the sky is mauve, pink. And you can’t tell the difference between the ocean and the sky. That place.


So many flowers just popped into my head because I’m a botanist. I love peonies especially. They’re so sweet. They remind me of childhood. I grew up on a cattle ranch in South Dakota and nothing grew. Everything died, except the peonies. By some miracle every year they would sprout again. One thing that no one realizes is they can’t bloom without ants. The bud of a peony is sealed shut and the ants eat the wax from the bud as food and defend the peony plant from predators. So it’s this beautiful thing that needs to happen to smell beautifully.


Two things come to mind.

One is a horse’s hooves on a dusty gravel road. It’s different from being on pavement. It’s a clippity-clop but it’s muffled. It reminds me of childhood. Growing up on the cattle ranch, riding horse with my dad. There were always very dusty roads. This, “cloppity” sound. I wish I could bottle that somehow. Record it. Maybe next time I go to South Dakota I’ll do that. And I’ll send you a recording of what it sounds like. There’s a rhythm to it.

The other sound I love is when you’re planing wood and you’re using a planer and you get a perfect curly shaving of wood with a crisp, almost *pop* sound.


Sweet Dungeness crab legs. Especially if they’re fresh right out of the ocean. They’re mostly up by Vancouver and Alaska on the West Coast. I had some on my birthday trip a couple of weeks ago, and it was the most incredible tasting crab. They’re smaller, they’re not like giant crabs. There’s just nothing like it.


There’s a space between my dog’s eyes. Between his ears, between his eyes, where it’s the softest fur. So, that’s my favorite touch. That’s it.