Month: October 2016

How to Befriend a Billionaire in One Easy Step

Have you ever wondered how to become part of the inner circle of a wealthy and powerful person? Is it your dream to be part of the entourage that gets to hang out with someone who is successful, driven and brilliant, a true alpha type who might actually change the world? This role can be yours, and it does not require you to do anything illegal, unethical or even unseemly (although of course many people seem to attempt all of those things, with varying measures of success). All you have to do is become the goat. Or the pig. Let me explain.

Why Are So Many Billionaires in Love with Yachts?

In the annals of the super-rich, many paragraphs will be devoted to super yachts. Representing perhaps the height of privacy and luxury – and certainly the height of purchase price and ongoing expense – super- and mega-yachts are gigantic, gilded and gorgeous. They’re the ultimate status symbol: Steve Jobs had Venus, Roman Abramovich has the Eclipse, Paul Allen has the Octopus, and the Emir of Abu Dhabi reportedly has the Azzam (complete with its own submarine and missile defense system).