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Months tend to evoke certain colors and moods, at least in the parts of the world with four distinct seasons. Some are obvious, and some perhaps more subtle, or at least open to debate. So, what is the color of the month of April? Dear reader, we think there are several ways to frame that question. Here are our thoughts on the spring color palette that best captures the vibe and spirit of the month of April.

what is the true color of the month of April?

As we reflected on this pressing question, several options came to mind. And we’ll stipulate up front that we’re talking about April in the Northern Hemisphere. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, and Cali and all points South, we know that chances are you’ll be basking in sunshine all month. We’re gonna try really hard not to throw shade at you for that.

Now, where were we? Ah, yes. The true color of April.

it could be grey

We begin this conversation with grey as a possible signature hue for the month. And why not? In April, the forecast most days can be leaden: rainy, slushy, cloudy, misty. Especially in the morning. Meh.

best spring Color that Perfectly Captures the month of April

Months have colors, so what is the spring color palette that best captures the vibe of the month of April?

or maybe purple

Or lavender, or violet, or plum – really any shade of purple. Because one of the first true signs of spring in our garden is the crocuses. They come in other colors, of course. But the purple ones are the most vivid – and defiant. Bring it on, spring. We like their bad-ass attitude. And who can resist the smell of lilacs and hyacinths?

what is the color that best captures the mood of April?

Months have colors, so what is the spring color that best captures the vibe of the month of April?

yellow is definitely in the mix

Speaking of spring blooms, yellow is absolutely in running for the true color of April. Crocuses, daffodils, forsythia – they typically bring their full golden glow in April. Optimistic, sunny, delightful, and prim. What’s not to like? Plus, there’s Easter candy: Marshmallow Peeps!

what is the color that best captures the mood of April?

What is the color of April? Yellow?

the case for white

We could also argue that the essential shade of April is white. You know, a clean slate, rebirth, sins washed away, bunnies, lambs, and Easter lilies.

what is the color that best captures the mood of April?

What is the color palette that best captures the mood of April?

maybe pink?

Sakuracherry blossom season – is often at its peak in early April. In the United States, there are cherry blossom festivals and seasonal beverages in gorgeous shades of pink. In Japan, people make pilgrimages to parks, mountains and valleys to walk among the blooms. April tulips often carry that same lovely hue.

And yet. For us, the heart of April – its essential essence – is green.

yes, green. you saw that coming, right?

We know. It’s not an original conclusion. So be it. Now mind you, we’re not talking about just any old random green. We’re talking about the delicate, fresh, hopeful, pale green of the earth beginning to bloom. The color of new grass. New leaves. Limes. Asparagus. Baby lettuce. Ramps. Pistachio ice cream.

You  know what we mean: the color of renewal. The color of starting over.

an april color palette

So why not pull together some Mood April outfits this month? Green can be hard to wear, so depending on your coloring, there are few ways to play it.

Pair a hit of pale green with any navy or dark blue suit in your work wardrobe. You’ll be amazed at how it will wake up your entire look. This spring green shade also loves to play beside grey – so just layer a bit of it over your go-to grey work wear.

If you’re more daring, toss it against purple, or black. Green, black and white is an extremely energizing color palette, especially this time of year.

Or go monochrome, with tone-on-tone green – layer light over dark or vice versa – as long as it’s all in the same green family, you will be incredibly chic. We promise.

So. Much. Fun.

Done well, an April color palette should send you out the door feeling jaunty. Open to adventure, looking to be surprised by something amazing. Radiating energy. And yes, it’s totally OK: if you want to whistle, you go right ahead. ‘Cause it’s April! So why not?

What say you, dear reader? What color is April for you?

Pamela Thomas-Graham

Pamela Thomas-Graham is the Founder & CEO of Dandelion Chandelier. She serves on the boards of several tech companies, and was previously a senior executive in finance, media and fashion, and a partner at McKinsey & Co.