Month: January 2017

See The Oculus: A Breathtaking New Luxury Mall

What does the luxury shopping experience of the future look like? It will be reasonably difficult to do better in terms of atmosphere than the recently-opened Westfield mall at the Oculus in Lower Manhattan. The shopping complex opened last year – first with a soft launch, then with an official opening last fall. We wanted to give it some time to settle before venturing downtown to check it out (even now, many areas of the site are still under construction, both indoors and out). Yesterday, our Dandelion Chandelier Style Council decided to take a long-overdue field trip there – and deemed it absolutely worth the trip. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to go now.

How to Throw a Luxurious Super Bowl Party This Year

Super Bowl Sunday is – like Thanksgiving – one of those great American traditions that brings nearly everyone to the same table. Regional, class and political issues tend to fade, at least for one day, in the raucous ritual of watching the game, the ads, and the half-time show. And consuming lots of food and drink. That led us here at Dandelion Chandelier into a lively discussion about how to make this annual event even more special. We set out to round up the best/most fun/most over-the-top party ideas from our far-flung correspondents. The Sports Desk went into overdrive (many thanks, you guys!) and we’ve got lots of good input to share.