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See The Oculus: A Breathtaking New Luxury Mall
What does the luxury shopping experience of the future look like? It will be reasonably difficult to do better in terms of atmosphere than the recently-opened Westfield mall at the Oculus in Lower Manhattan. The shopping complex opened last year – first with a soft launch, then with an official opening last fall. We wanted to give it some time to settle before venturing downtown to check it out (even now, many areas of the site are still under construction, both indoors and out). Yesterday, our Dandelion Chandelier Style Council decided to take a long-overdue field trip there – and deemed it absolutely worth the trip. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to go now.
How to Throw a Luxurious Super Bowl Party This Year
Super Bowl Sunday is – like Thanksgiving – one of those great American traditions that brings nearly everyone to the same table. Regional, class and political issues tend to fade, at least for one day, in the raucous ritual of watching the game, the ads, and the half-time show. And consuming lots of food and drink. That led us here at Dandelion Chandelier into a lively discussion about how to make this annual event even more special. We set out to round up the best/most fun/most over-the-top party ideas from our far-flung correspondents. The Sports Desk went into overdrive (many thanks, you guys!) and we’ve got lots of good input to share.
Hollywood or Broadway: Where’s the Best Musical of the Year?
Hollywood musicals are clearly making a comeback, with the film LA LA Land now a critical darling sweeping the film awards season. But in the higher reaches of culture, an interesting conversation is underway among the cognoscenti. If you love musicals, which is a better place to find them right now? Los Angeles or New York? The cinema or the stage? In other words: is La La Land really all that?
Banish Boring: Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Workout Fresh
If you’re like many of us, you kind of hate working out indoors. Running is a fundamentally different experience on the open road than it is on a treadmill. Love the former, hate the latter (there’s a reason that the phrase “stuck on the treadmill” doesn’t evoke a happy place). But sometimes, for weeks on end, you have to exercise inside. Or maybe you’re cool with working out at the gym, but you’re in a rut because it’s the same-old, same-old day after day. We went in search of fresh new luxury classes and techniques to keep us all on point until spring – and beyond. Here are some inspiring ideas:
Lost Luxuries: The Bygone Thrill of the Old Four Seasons
It’s been six months, and we still miss the Four Seasons restaurant that reigned supreme for so long at Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s landmark Seagram Building on Park Avenue in New York City. We know, time marches on, especially in Manhattan. But when we here at Dandelion Chandelier think about wonderfully luxurious products and experiences that are well and truly lost, this one is high on our list.
How to Prepare Now for a Luxurious Doomsday
Many people worry about the future, oftentimes to their own detriment. When you’re extremely wealthy, your ability to fund your darkest fears can lead you to some odd places. Like a reinforced bunker with 12-inch thick walls, a rifle range, a gym, an archery field and one of the world’s largest fountains that you share with 2,000 other like-minded people. Let us explain.
Fireside Chic: The Best Luxury Looks for Après-Ski
You’ve had an excellent day in the snow: skiing, riding, tubing, snow-biking, perhaps even doing a round of snow yoga. But now the sun is setting, the fire’s roaring in the fireplace, your friends and family are starting to gather around, and it’s time for a hot cup of cocoa, an ice-cold beer, a good bottle of red, or perhaps a snifter of vintage port. What to wear? Whether you’ve earned that drink by exceeding your personal best outdoors, or whether you’re basically faking it, having spent the entire day inside at the spa (yes, we’ve done that once or twice), this is a chance to relax, unwind, and be both chic and totally comfortable – how many times does life present such a wonderful opportunity?
Luxury Fitness: The Best Spinning Studios in the World
So many options for getting and staying in shape! In our ongoing quest to suss out how the world’s wealthiest people stay fit, our next stop is spinning. It’s a favored pastime of elites in major cities the world over, especially wealthy millennials – efficient cardio, inspiring trainers, cute clothes and excellent networking opportunities. What’s not to like? Even former First Lady Michelle Obama is a fan.
Luxury Fitness: The Gyms to Join When Money is No Object
It’s the second week of January – how’s that weight loss and fitness program going so far? Ready to start throwing money at the problem? Unfortunately, you cannot pay someone to work out for you (our friends in the tech world have not figured that one out, yet). But with enough cash, you can upgrade the quality of your gym.
Can Luxury Indoor Exercise Equipment Actually Look Elegant?
Many of us have had this moment: our beloved partner or family member bounds into the room, excitedly proclaiming “I’m going to buy a treadmill!” Or an elliptical, or a stationary bike. “If it’s at home, I’ll use it all the time; this is going to really help me get in shape.” Their enthusiasm is touching, and we try to be supportive, mustering a weak “That’s great, honey.” All the while thinking: “Ugh! I don’t want a massive ugly exercise machine in my bedroom/basement/life!” A couple of romantic relationships we know of have broken up over this exact conundrum. Probably not the only reason, but still. So what’s an aesthete to do?
How To Look Smart at This Year’s CES
Las Vegas plus a lot of walking plus the presence of people you work with plus the tech elite in the house equals a very hard equation to solve when deciding on proper attire. That’s the fashion conundrum of the attendees at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The annual event, held January 5-8 this year, draws 100,000+ attendees and 50,000+ exhibitors from all over the world and all corners of tech, marketing, and entertainment.
Luxury Calendar: The New and Not-to-be-Missed in January
Happy Year of the Rooster! This month, a New Year dawns fresh, and the jet set will be touching down in Switzerland to debate the future of the global economy; attending the haute couture shows in Paris; and heading to Park City for the Sundance Festival. The official color of the year is “Greenery,” so dress appropriately. Here is Dandelion Chandelier’s curated list of the activities that the luxury crowd will be pursuing around the world in January 2017.

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