Month: May 2017

May’s Sparklers: Those Who Choose to Shine

Every month here at Dandelion Chandelier we like to celebrate the people, groups and institutions who have spread light in the world recently, even in the midst of great darkness. Every day around the world, people choose to shine in ways large and small. These moments of grace don’t always get reported on, and unfortunately they can be quickly forgotten. To inspire us all to keep reaching out, here are some Sparklers that caught our attention in recent weeks:

Wardrobe Secrets: The Affordable Luxury Brands We Love 1

Get a bunch of people who love fashion in a room, and within minutes the subject will inevitably turn to which brands are hot and which ones are the current go-to’s that people actually wear and rely on to get them through the day. The Holy Grail for the fashion tribe is finding a consistent source of stylish, on-trend apparel that provides extremely high value for the money (‘cause staying on trend is not inexpensive). “Affordable luxury” is an oxymoron, and in many instances a pipe dream: real luxury is expensive for a reason, and trying to execute it on the cheap rarely works. But every now and then, someone nails it.

Why Not Indulge in the Luxury of Checking Your Bag?

Type-A people do not check bags when they fly. Ever. They brag about it, scheme around it, and sacrifice sartorial style on the road in the overriding interest of efficiency. They share tips about how to do it (one of our beloved Luminaries shared her tips on how to make it happen at my request). It’s one of the many justifications for taking a private jet. It’s a Thing if you are in the globe-trotting influencer elite.

The Best Sports-Oriented Luxury Spas for Losing Weight

That jet-engine sound you hear every year right about now is the roar of the luxury class heading off to a weight-loss spa. It’s commonly understood that when you’re living a life that involves designer clothes, paparazzi, close scrutiny and lots of long alcohol-fueled meals, at some point you’ll need to disappear for a week or two to get rid of the accumulated weight and prepare for your close-up.