Month: October 2017

Valentino Launches a New Exclusive Luxury Resort Line

Is this athletic wear? Are these party clothes? Can I wear them to the office? Or to the gym? Yes, yes, yes and yes – at least in a manner of speaking. Last week, Valentino launched a 4-weeks-only pop-up shop on Spring Street in SoHo to showcase its latest resort collection. And it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen from the house of Valentino. We were invited to the “VIC” (that’s Very Important Client, thank you very much) event last Thursday, so we got to see it firsthand. And we love it. It’s luxury sportswear with a more literal take than usual – fresh, vibrant, energizing colors; crisp silhouettes; an urban sensibility; and an explicit nod to sports – especially basketball and boxing. The ad campaign was shot on a basketball court, with the models shooting hoops. The vibe of the collection is femme and macho, practical and whimsical, relaxed and hard-charging. The pieces are smartly-priced, and as a result they’re flying out the door. You should get yourself to the pop-up store before it closes …

What You Need to Know about St. Barth’s Right Now

The French-speaking island of St. Barth’s – or to be precise, Saint Barthélemy – has long been a glamorous year-end playground and the destination of choice for the owners of mega-yachts, the fashion industry elite, entertainers, athletes and their entourages. The Leeward Islands tropical paradise is the stuff of dreams. But the 2017 hurricane season was brutal, with a string of named storms wreaking havoc on many parts of the Caribbean, including this lovely island. So what will become of this year’s holiday season? Will New Year’s Eve in St. Barth’s still be the number one place in the world for a glittering celebration? We asked our far-flung correspondents to investigate, and here’s what they reported back. It’s the latest intelligence we have on what you need to know if you’ve planned (or were planning) a stop in St. Barth’s this winter. Of course it could change, but this is what we know for now.

LA Luxury: What You Need to Know Right Now

What could define the luxury life better than a getaway to Los Angeles? Like Paris, it’s just always a good idea. And especially now, when there are so many things going on that you’ll be hard-pressed to decide which ones should make your short list. Team Dandelion Chandelier blew through town a few weeks ago, and we’re sharing our field report on what’s new and not-to-be-missed right now in LA.

TWIST: This Week in Sports Talk October 29, 2017

You don’t love professional sports, but your livelihood and/or personal happiness depends upon your being able to converse intelligently about it. It’s a common dilemma with a simple solution: you need to learn a new language. You need to learn how to talk sports. And we’re here to help! The TWIST is our weekly Dandelion Chandelier guide to what’s happened on the field, on the court and on the ice. Every Sunday you’ll find the three (and only three) things you need to know this coming week to speak cogently about professional sports with the boss, the gang at the office, your barber, your barista, your secret crush, or your in-laws. Do the TWIST every week and we promise you’ll know how to talk about sports like a champion.

Will Aman Be Crowned Best of all New York Luxury Hotels?

Legendary luxury hospitality company Aman is coming to Manhattan! Aman junkies of the world, you’ll soon have a new destination to explore. And Trump Tower, you’ll soon have a new neighbor! Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’ve already shared our experiences at our first Aman resort – Amangani, located high on a bluff in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Aman resorts have long been an inside secret among the global elites. It’s been notable that in our ongoing series of interviews with various Luminaries, several have mentioned their love for Aman’s incredible collection of properties and its exquisite service. It really is A Thing. And now it’s coming to New York City.