Month: December 2017

These Were the Most Popular Posts of the Year

Lots of publications share their lists of the Best of, the Most Read, the Most Emailed, and other superlatives at this time of year. We’re not exactly sure why. Is it because they want to be sure that if we missed something, we have a chance to go back and read it? Is it because the staff is on holiday, and round-up stories are really quick and easy to write? Or could it be that the process of analyzing and sharing the most popular topics of the year tells us a lot about ourselves – as a community, as a publication, as individuals?

Recommended reads: what was the best book of the year?

So many books, so little time! Reading can be one of life’s sweetest luxuries. But how to quickly find the next great volume to dive into? To lend a hand, every month we’ll share our Dandelion Chandelier Recommended Reads: books that we’ve personally read and loved – some brand new, and some published long ago. Selected to suit the season, we think they deserve a place on your nightstand. Or your e-reader. In your backpack. Or your carry-on bag. You get the idea. As the year draws to a close, it’s the season for Top 10 Lists, and Best of 2017 Lists. Of course these are arbitrary constraints — we’re happy to report that we read more than 10 newly-published books this year that we really enjoyed. And when you think about it, the arrival of the new year is irrelevant when determining which books are worthy of spending time with. What difference does that make? Plus, the passage of time proves to be a pretty good arbiter of what’s a truly great read — …

How to Talk Sports: Time to Get Smart on College Football

The American College Football Playoffs are almost here, and you know what that means. People talking to you (or around you) about a sport that you don’t know (and don’t care) anything much about. Some of those people might even be important to you: like maybe your boss, your secret crush, your next-door-neighbor, your spouse, your in-laws, or the person sitting next to you on a really long plane ride.  Should you find yourself in that situation, fear not. You just need to learn a new language: you need to learn how to talk sports. And we got you.

Chic insider fashion tips for a stylish new year’s eve

The classic song written in 1947 by Frank Loesser song wistfully enquires “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” If somehow you’ve never listened to it, you absolutely should – we recommend Ella Fitzgerald’s cover of the bluesy tune; Lena Horne’s is also transporting. Some might vote for Patti LaBelle, Harry Connick, Kacey Musgrave. Your call. Here at Dandelion Chandelier, while we love the song and we know that where you spend the big night is a big deal (as is having your hangover cure plan ready to go), we feel that the more pressing question this time of year is “what are you wearing New Year’s Eve?” Fashionistas the world over know that one’s ensemble as the clock strikes midnight sets the tone for the entire year. We don’t want to be dramatic, but if you haven’t thought about your OOTD for December 31 yet, you should. You don’t want to doom yourself to a dowdy new year.