Month: April 2018

the best books about luxurious wedding dresses

A wedding dress is so much more than an article of clothing: it’s a symbol of romance, purity, commitment and joy – a fantasy of what life will be and a timeless manifestation of childhood dreams coming true. Traditionally, at the end of every haute couture fashion show, the final look is a spectacular wedding gown. The bridal dress holds pride of place even at the highest levels of design – which makes understanding its history and evolution worth any fashion maven’s time and attention (even those who aren’t hopeless romantics).

Love books? Stay at a luxury literary hotel this year

Book mavens and story lovers of world, heads up. If your favorite spaces in the world tend to involve towering shelves of books, if you personally collect books, or just like to hang around raconteurs, the luxury hospitality industry has several treats in store for you. We love nothing more than a great library or a charming bookstore, whether at home or abroad, so we went in search of luxury properties that share our bibliophilia. We found 12 luxury hotels that focus on books, reading and story-telling as their sine qua non. Intrigued? Read on!

majesty and folly in a powerful visit to versailles

Springtime in Paris is a glorious experience. But if you can’t get there this year, you can experience at least a small measure of the loveliness and grandeur of the City of Light at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The exhibit Visitors to Versailles 1682-1789 is a glimpse into the elegant, mysterious and decadent milieu of the famous French palace on the outskirts of Paris. If you’ve never visited Versailles, this is a nice introduction. And if it happens to be a favorite historical destination, this will remind you of all the reasons why.