Month: May 2018

may sparklers: those who choose to shine

Sparklers is a monthly series that highlights people, groups and institutions who have recently spread light in the world. Everyday, people choose to shine in ways large and small. These moments of grace and generosity don’t always get reported on, and unfortunately they can be quickly forgotten. So we’re sharing some of their stories. Because sometimes good news and kindness are the sweetest luxuries of all.

why buy a dream luxury car when you can just share one?

What’s your dream car? For a long time, ours was a silver BMW convertible. Our tastes have become quite a bit more expensive with the passage of time, so now we quietly lust after a McLaren 720S (0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, top speed 212 mph, yaaas). Whichever marque is your ideal, why wait, and save up, and invest in a single speed machine when you can join a subscription service and drive it tomorrow? And replace it when you tire of it? It’s nice to share.

the best tiaras in the world (that money can buy)

Still swooning over the Royal Wedding? Us too. To keep the magic going, we decided to investigate the purchase of a tiara for ourselves. Not to outdo the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex, mind you. Just to channel the joy and magic of both of their weddings at our next swanky event. In July, the new haute joaillerie collections will be unveiled in Paris. In the meantime, though, there’s still plenty of sparkle and shine in all shapes and sizes to suit the jeune fille, the madame and the grand dame in us all.