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Our top picks in the world of luxury for October 2018
Our Luxury Calendar provides a comprehensive overview of the top events unfolding around the world every month. Some are micro-luxuries (like a really good book) and others are on a grand, epic scale. It’s great fun to compile, and as we polish off our research we always dream a little dream about the entries that intrigue or excite us - the ones we most passionately want to be a part of. If schedules and money were no object, and we could choose the top ten experiences in the luxury sphere that we’d personally love to partake of, here’s what they’d be for October 2018. How about you?
How to get the best night’s sleep money can buy
Sleep is a terribly scarce resource: people crave it, obsess about it, brag about how much they’re getting, keep running numerical tallies of their experiences, quietly seek instruction on how to get better at it, and secretly cannot manage to get enough of it to satisfy themselves. The number of nightly hours of sleep one can achieve has become a “thing,” and a good night’s sleep has become a luxury item, to be lusted after and fetishized.
what are the best luxury bed linens and sheets?
To sleep, perchance to dream . . . But how? Getting a sufficient amount of sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle that can benefit our hearts, weight, minds and more. But according to the Centers for Disease Control, one in three adults don't get sufficient shut eye. Our sleep series is exploring all the ways in which you can maximize your chances for a sound, refreshing night's zzz's. We've looked at mattresses, and pajamas. But what about sheets? Do they matter in this quest?
the best luxury pajamas and sleepwear right now
Can the pajamas you wear improve your sleep? Absolutely. There's plenty of evidence that your body temperature affects the quality of your sleep, so a breathable pair of pyjamas (as some of our friends spell it) can make a big difference. And surely looking great is a helpful way to feel great, right? And feeling great can only help you relax and drift off. Here are our top picks for luxurious p.j.'s that will have you looking smart and sleeping soundly.
What are the best luxury mattresses right now?
You’re either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both. We stumbled across this quote recently, and we couldn’t agree more. A third of our lives are spent sleeping – or trying to – so why not invest in making it a luxurious experience? Sure, luxury mattress prices are in the stratosphere – but aren’t you worth it?
Top picks in the world of art museum exhibits this fall
The start of the autumn sees high culture kick into high gear. And because so many art museums offer free admission, in lots of cases, this is a luxury open to all. Here are over a dozen art museum exhibits opening soon that we would love to see in the fall of 2018 -- if time and our travel budget would permit it, we'd visit all of these before the end of November and the beginning of the holiday crush. At least we can dream. How about you? What's on your list?
What’s the best fitness tracker on the market right now?
In recent weeks, we’ve noticed a pronounced increase in the number of stylish people who wear multiple items on their wrists at work: a watch, a bracelet or two, and a fitness tracker. Maybe we’ve noticed it more because we’re in the market for one ourselves. We’ve been on a wellness quest, and we’re ready to start counting our steps. But is it possible to find a fitness tracker that works well with our work wardrobe? Or do we have to sacrifice style for steps?
Food and Drink
Our top picks in the world of art museum exhibits right now
September is an important month in the world of the visual arts - it's a time of transition, and an ideal moment to explore. The blockbuster museum exhibits of summer are closing soon, and a number of new significant exhibitions and museums have just opened. Of course you know about Heavenly Bodies and We Come in Peace at the Met in New York (closing on October 8 and 28, respectively, so don't wait if you haven't seen them yet). Here are over a dozen other art museum exhibits currently on view that we would love to see — if time and our travel budget would permit it, we’d visit all of these in the next few weeks. Are you in?
Wedding Gifts
Love Pasta? Our Review of Restaurant Misi in New York
This year’s most talked about New York City opening has to be Missy Robbins’ new pasta-centric restaurant, Misi, which recently opened its doors in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We made the pilgrimage, first for "Friends and Family," and then again during the first week. Here's our review of Misi restaurant New York. The bottom line? For our money, this is the best pasta restaurant in New York City. And when it comes to pasta, we don't mess around.
The Best Bookstores In The World: Hatchards In London
The Best Bookstores in the World is an occasional series here at Dandelion Chandelier. As we roam the world, we love to check out the interesting bookstores in town. When we really love them, we'll share them with you. First up? A centuries old shop in the heart of Piccadilly in London. Not every bookstore gets the endorsement of the Queen. But not every bookstore is the original Hatchards.
the best fall 2018 fashion for the boardroom and beyond
How should you dress when you want to convey power and authority? An important business meeting or daytime social engagement is the time to be bold, and to strike the right sartorial balance between safe and standout. Basically, you need to dress like a boss. The good news? This fall, there are lots of looks that will more than meet that need. Here are some of the "boardroom" looks that caught our eye in the fall-winter 2018 designer collections. Wear any one of these to your next big meeting, and you'll own the room.
the best fall 2018 luxury party and evening fashions
Party season is approaching, and it's time to peer into your closet to decide if you're ready for all the fun ahead. If your aim is to hit that perfect balance of investment pieces that will last for several seasons, but that are totally on-point in the here and now, you're in luck. There are some gorgeous new offerings out there right now. Here are some of the best pieces from the fall winter 2018-19 designer collections to take you to black-tie galas, dinner with friends, date night, or a brilliant concert or theater performance. Bring on the night.
what you need to know about NCAA college football
Other than prepping our sons and daughters for their first day, nothing says back to school/back to campus for us grown-ups like the start of the NCAA college football season. Here are five talking points you can use to participate in any Labor Day weekend social function (or at work this coming week) if college football becomes the topic of conversation:

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