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Our Top 10 Picks in the World of Luxury August 2019
Our Luxury Calendar provides a comprehensive overview of the top events unfolding around the world every month. Some are micro-luxuries (like a really good book) and others are on a grand, epic scale. Personally, if schedules and money were no object, and we could do anything we like, here are our top picks for the best luxury events and experiences in August 2019.
A Perfect Day on the Norwegian Bliss Luxury Cruise Ship
Considering taking a cruise, but not sure if it's for you? Or perhaps you're all in, but you have a reluctant friend or family member? We were skeptics, too, until we took our first voyage. Turns out there are dozens of cool ways to pass the time aboard ship, no matter your age or interests. Here's an overview of a typical day of activities on a large luxury cruise ship. They were the elements for a perfect day at sea on the vessel we traveled on, the Norwegian Bliss luxury cruise ship.
Low is the New High: The Best Luxury Gourmet Marshmallows
Wait. Luxury marshmallows are a Thing? Yes, dear reader. In the ongoing trend of once-lowly items being transformed into luxuries, behold another example. The best gourmet luxury marshmallows can cost $ each. These are not the plastic bag, straight-from-the-local grocery store marshmallows. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has the run down. Low is the new high: these are the best luxury gourmet marshmallows. Prepare the hot chocolate!
How to Have a Luxurious Visit in Ketchikan, Alaska
One of the most charming towns in Alaska is Ketchikan. We recently visited for the first time as part of a 7-day voyage on Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Bliss. (Full disclosure – the author is a board member of the ship’s parent company). Here’s our photo journal of the top spots in Ketchikan, Alaska, and how to have a luxurious visit if you decide to go. 
The Essentials You Need to Host a Perfect Luxury Brunch
What's your favorite meal of the day? For us, it's not even close: breakfast! Or on a lazy day, brunch. Hot off of updating us on the best gourmet artisanal local honeys, our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy is sharing the inside scoop on how to make your next brunch with family and friends at home the best. These are the essentials you need to host the perfect luxury brunch at home.
Celebrating Good Deeds: the July Sparkler of the Month
Sparklers is a monthly series that highlights those who have recently spread light in the world. Every day, people choose to shine in ways large and small. These moments of grace and generosity don’t always get reported on, and unfortunately they can be quickly forgotten. So we’re celebrating good deeds and kind acts in July 2019. Because sometimes good news and kindness are the sweetest luxuries of all. The Sparkler of the Month for philanthropy in July 2019 is LeBron James, NBA star and founder of the I Promise School.
The Top Films You Need to see this July
What movies are the best ones to see this month? Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum is sharing her insights and tips on all things cinematic. From film festivals to must-see new releases – and of course, the awards season – she’s our expert guide to the silver screen. In this dispatch, Greenbaum shares her list of the top films you need to see in July 2019. These are some of the best movies that will be onscreen in July 2019.
irresistible chocolate artistry on a luxury cruise ship
So, we all know that weight gain is rumored to be an unavoidable side effect of taking a luxury cruise. There are ways to mitigate that risk. But on a recent 7-day voyage on Norwegian Cruise Lines' Norwegian Bliss to Alaska, we encountered an insurmountable obstacle to diet discipline. (Full disclosure - the author is a board member of the ship's parent company). The chocolate. Have a look at 7 days of the irresistible chocolate artistry aboard the luxury cruise ship Norwegian Bliss. 
the best professional home organizing consultants
In our ongoing quest for serenity, we've explored books to inspire us to tidy up our living spaces. We've assessed ways to monetize and recycle the furniture and apparel that we no longer need. But what if you're stuck at Phase 1, which is getting your house in order? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the solution. Here, she shares the best professional home organizing consultants. If you need help de-cluttering your home, one of them may be just the catalyst you need.
The Luxury Calendar: The Best Events in the World in July
The Dandelion Chandelier Luxury Calendar is a curated list of the best events in the world in July 2019. Whether your passion is Travel; Food and Drink; Planes, Yachts and Autos; Fitness and Sports; Fashion and Design; Entertainment; or The Arts, we’ve got you covered. Want to know what to do in July to have true luxury experiences all month long? Read on.

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