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best luxury travel destinations in the month of february
Where are the best places to go in February for a luxurious vacation? If you're lucky enough to need some new vacation ideas for February (because you've actually got the time to get away), we've got you covered. These are our picks for the top travel spots in February - the best luxury travel destinations in the month of February.
The Best Places in the World to Buy Luxury House Plants
Having a collection of thriving and beautiful house plants has become a status marker almost as powerful as wearing the new Apple AirPod Pros. What's behind all the plant love? And what's the best way to build a collection of luxurious greenery in your home? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the facts behind the trend - and she's also curated a list of the best sources for purchasing house plants right now. Online and in-store at retail, these are the best brands and places to buy luxurious indoor house plants.
Pearls Are Now for Men, too, Thanks to a New Luxury Line
Are pearls passé ? Not even close, dear reader. We've previously written about how to wear pearls in a way that's fresh and modern.  Now comes word of Mikimoto x Comme des Garçons, a luxury capsule collaboration on a new unisex collection of pearl necklaces. Not only can cool girls rock pearls - in case anyone was wondering, anyone can. In fact, one of the prominent fashion trends for spring-summer 2020 is men wearing pearls. Here's a peek at the new collaboration from two prominent Japanese luxury brands to create modern gender-neutral luxury pearls for men (and women).

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