Month: March 2020

the best cheerful statement earrings for your next virtual happy hour

The Best Cheerful Earrings for Your Virtual Happy Hour

Even in a time of social distancing, when it’s party time, it’s key to dress the part! We love whoever came up with the word “quarantini” to describe those moments when we can still try to find joy and release with great music and great people. Even if it’s only via Zoom or IGTV. For your next digital dance party or virtual happy hour, here’s how to dress with a selection of some of the best cheerful statement drop earrings to get the party started.

the brands at the forefront of the trashion movement to know right now

The New Brands at the Forefront of the Trashion Movement

What is “trashion?” And what are the brands to know in this new fashion movement, which focuses on upcycling and recycling to create apparel and accessories out of everything from plastic to fishing nets? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the 10 brands to know who are crafting sustainable, eco-friendly fashion on the forefront of the growing trashion movement.

The best chic hair accessories for spring summer 2020

It’s Easier to be Chic With the Right Hair Accessories

Whether you’re on vacation, or a long business trip, or on a mandatory WFH stretch thanks to COVID-19, you don’t have to give up on glamour just because there’s no professional hair salon available. In fact, the silver lining of having to do your own hair for an extended stretch is that you’ll see that it’s easy (or at least easier than one might think) to be chic with the right hair accessories. Here’s some of the best on-trend hair jewelry, scrunchies, barrettes and scarves for spring summer 2020.

The best brands for chic Scandinavian outdoor gear and apparel

The Best Chic Scandinavian Style Outdoor Gear Right Now

For those who love Scandi-style (and who doesn’t?) there’s good news. The sleek, clean, colorful vibe that you get from your favorite chic Ganni pieces is available in outdoor gear and apparel, too. Our ace correspondent and expert on all things Scandi, Jillian Tangen, has curated a list of the best brands for Scandinavian style outdoor gear and apparel, based on the Norwegian concept of allemannsretten.

The best books of poetry to give as gifts right now

The Best Poetry Books to Give as Gifts Right Now

When the going gets tough, the tough turn to poetry. Even if you’re only an occasional reader of poems, there are times when they seem to be one of the few forms of writing that actually offer solace and insight. But which poetry books are most calming and helpful to reduce anxiety and restore a sense of purpose in difficult times? If you’re in a place where you need soothing, inspiration and flights of imagination – or you’re seeking a gift for someone who is – this list is for you. These are the best books of poetry to give as gifts when only a poem will do.