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What are the best podcasts about the world of food and drink, restaurants, and home cooking you need to know about? Our ace correspondent Abbie Greenbaum has curated a list of the 12 best food podcasts to listen to right now.

our series on the best podcasts right now

If you don’t consider yourself a podcast person, it might be time to change that. Never has there been an easier or faster way to stay up to date on current events, or explore narrow niche topics that you’ve never had the chance to deeply delve into.


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There are podcasts about everything, and here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’re researching the best-of-breed podcasts in the luxury topics we all love. Like travel, fashion, food, books and film.

why listen to a podcast about food?

Deciding what to make for dinner can be tough. But even worse? Preparing and serving the same basic menu over and over again, and listening to your loved ones complain about it. That’s why we love following some of the best podcasts about food. Listening to them can spark creativity; save time and energy; help discover new kitchen hacks, inside tips and cuisines; and even find new restaurants to try.

best podcasts about food you need to know

The best podcasts about food you need to know.

Food is one of the final arenas on earth that connects people in real time. When we eat and cook together, we are enjoying each other’s company, and bonding over something that exists in the present tense and nowhere else. Perhaps this is why food and foodie culture have become a topic of such interest for so many of us. And of course, as with just about every topic we want to know more about – there’s a podcast for that.


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These twelve excellent podcasts about food and drink, foodie culture and restaurants are perfect ways to feed the imagination. They bring all kinds of new insights about cooking, baking, running a restaurant, and how the world of food ultimately touches us all.

the best podcasts about food to listen to right now

What are the best podcasts about food and restaurants to listen to right now?

the best podcasts about food to know right now

1. Bon Appétit Foodcast

Come to the Bon Appétit Foodcast for some of the most interesting and varied episodes in food podcasting. Here you can find audio walk-throughs of exceptional recipes, interviews with chefs and with food critics, and features on more food-related subjects than one could possibly imagine. If you’re looking for all-around delicious content that covers desserts, cookbooks, well-known restaurants, food in film, and how-to’s, this podcast is the best possible place to start.

2. The Food Chain

The Food Chain, a weekly podcast from BBC News, takes a zoomed-out, big picture look at cultural and business food trends in the world around us. For example, the show examines the relationship between food and climate change, ponders society’s growing issues with sugar and gluten, and explores what will happen when robots are responsible for picking our produce.

If you’re looking for more mouth-watering content though, don’t worry – they also have a regular segment where guests describe the five dishes that define their lives. For food that makes you think, The Food Chain strikes the perfect chord.

3. Copper and Heat

Winner of the 2019 James Beard Award for Best Podcast, Copper and Heat is currently in the middle of its second season. The first season had a much tighter narrative than most podcasts, focusing on kitchen culture and convention, and specifically what it is like to be a woman working in the food business. If you’re interested in learning more about what goes on behind the scenes of what you’re eating, this is a fascinating listen.

The best podcasts about food and restaurants to know about and listen to right now.

4. Radio Cherry Bombe

Probably the coolest podcast out there, Radio Cherry Bombe covers every inch of the industry from a feminist point of view. If there is a woman you admire in food today – from pastry chefs, to food stylists, to restaurant owners – chances are she has appeared on the podcast at one point or another. Every episode brings on a new brilliant mind to share her story and offer her perspective on the food world.


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5. Gastropod

With the tagline, “Food with a Side of Science & History,” you can guess at exactly the kind of thoughtful content you’re going to find at Gastropod. For five seasons they have offered stories on food that come at the conversation from a unique angle, showing the way all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Learn how current food trends became popular; how menus manipulate our minds; and the origin stories behind so many of the things we like to eat. If you like podcasts that teach you something new, you’ll love Gastropod.

6. Milk Street Radio

Hosted by Chris Kimball, this scrumptious food podcast travels all around the world in order to cover cuisine from every possible point of view. Kimball has visited Italy; the kitchen of Ina Garten; and even the zoo. The show’s mission is covering literally everything, everyone, and everywhere that has anything to do with what we eat. This one is for people who want to feel like they are going on an audio adventure that will also leave them feeling hungry.

The best podcasts about food right now

The best podcasts about food, cooking and restaurants right now.

7. The Splendid Table

The Splendid Table has been around since 1997, and has made the graceful transition to podcast form in the digital age. Currently, the host is award-winning writer Francis Lam, and the show remains an amazing a place to go for food stories. They cover stories big and small, looking at food culture all over the globe and talking to the biggest names in dining today.


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8. Burnt Toast

This podcast from Food52 releases episodes that are the perfect “snacks” for your commute: little bites from host Michael Harlan Turkell that really capture what the podcast medium does best – communicating something profound and engaging in a short amount of time. The current season is focused on community as it relates to food, making it a particularly special season of podcasting.

9. The Sporkful

This James Beard award-winning food podcast from Dan Rashman is “not for foodies, it’s for eaters.” Rather than dissecting trends or excavating the stories behind well-known restaurants, it uses food as a lens through which to view broader cultural and political issues. Always relevant – and always challenging the ways we see what we eat – this podcast from Stitcher is a must-listen.

The best podcasts about food and cooking right now.

10. Good Food

From host Evan Kleiman comes a versatile podcast about food that is equally educational and entertaining. The show has been running for over a decade, and its longevity is certainly because of its stellar content. Which includes interviews, gift guides, international explorations, history lessons, and more. Good Food also releases multiple short stories each week that are only five to fifteen minutes long. Meaning you will have more than enough foodie content to keep you going between meals.


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11. Cooking Issues

Chef Dave Arnold has created the cooking show we’ve all been waiting for: the one that answers questions from real listeners. If you’re someone who likes advice podcasts, or shows that answer audience questions – or if you have a lot of cooking questions yourself – then this is the series for you. Arnold has a seemingly infinite well of knowledge, and each episode will teach you something new.

12. Proof

Hosted by Bridget Lancaster, this podcast from America’s Test Kitchen takes a deep dive into the history behind individual dishes, and asks the imaginative food-adjacent questions (such as “is cereal soup?”) that we’ve all been too scared to ask. If you have ever wanted to know more about celery, or ketchup, or deep-fried Oreos, you’ve come to the right place.

food podcasts you need to know

The best food and cooking podcasts to listen to right now.

the food podcasts you need to know

There you have it! Our picks of the best cooking podcasts to listen to right now. What’s your favorite?

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Abbie Martin Greenbaum grew up in New York City and currently lives in Brooklyn, where she drinks a lot of coffee and matches roommates together for a living. At Oberlin College, she studied English and Cinema, which are still two of her favorite things, along with dessert and musical theater. She believes in magic.

Abbie Martin Greenbaum

Abbie Martin Greenbaum is a writer, reader, and pop culture connoisseur, who loves storytelling, coffee, and dessert. Her work has also appeared in Playbill.