Author: Lindsey Graham

The best luxury Christmas holiday wrapping paper online

The 10 Best Places for Luxury Designer Wrapping Paper

You’ve found the perfect gift. Now, to put it all the way over the top, you need statement designer wrapping paper. You know, something photogenic, and beautiful, and thick to the touch. There’s a rich tradition of paper craftwork in many cultures around the world, and you’d be surprised how many truly luxurious types of gift wrapping paper are available right now. Our ace correspondent Lindsey Graham (aka “The Senator”) has curated a list of 10 of the best places where you can buy luxury designer Christmas and holiday wrapping paper online to make your gifting festive and fun this year. Let the wrapping begin!

The 12 Best Snowboarding Luxury Resorts in the World

12 Best Snowboarding Luxury Resorts Right Now in the World

Lots of people ask about the best places for a ski vacation in America or in Europe, and we’ve shared our insider’s guides on both of those pressing matters. But what are the best places for a luxury snowboarding vacation? You know, places with great terrain parks, monster half-pipes, a chill vibe and respect (not resentment) for the sport. Our intrepid correspondent and long-time snowboarder Lindsey Graham shares her research on the 12 best places in the world to find luxury snowboarding resorts. Ready to ride?

The sleep drinks and waters that best aid sleepiness, including teas, herbals, sleep shots, and melatonin and magnesium infused beverages

The 10 New Drinks That Promise Easy Deep Sleep

To sleep, perchance to dream . . . is one of your 2021 goals to get more shut-eye? A plethora of brands are eager to lend a hand, and our correspondent Lindsey Graham has assessed one of the newest categories of entrants to this field of dreams. Sleep-inducing drinks – also known as “sleep drinks” or “sleep waters” – are The New Thing. Here’s the rundown on the 10 new sleep drink beverages that promise to help you fall into an easy and deep sleep, including teas, herbals, sleep shots, and melatonin- and magnesium-infused beverages. And what could be more of a luxury than that? To drift off to the Land of Nod easily – no matter what manner of stressors 2021 has in store.

Which Healthy Meals are the Best Now for Home Delivery?

Which Healthy Meals are the Best Now for Home Delivery?

As we begin a new year, lots of us are resolving to eat healthier and pay more attention to our daily nutrition and overall wellness and self-care. Whether our motivation is boosting immunity in the face of flu season and COVID-19; losing the holiday weight; or just feeling more energetic, now is the time to consider a convenient way to ensure that there’s always a healthy meal at home. Our ace correspondent Lindsey Graham is sharing the top brands offering subscription plans for home delivery of  healthy meals, including Freshly, Splendid Spoon and Daily Harvest. Some of these meals are fresh and some frozen, but none require actual cooking. So if Blue Apron is too much work for you (and it is for us!), here are some realistic and delicious options to keep you from ordering another couple dozen pizza deliveries for dinner in the new year.

The best new Christmas holiday 2020 songs, albums and music

The Best New Christmas Holiday Music This Year

Some people love traditional Christmas holiday music, and view it as one of the joys of the season. Others cringe when they hear it, longing for something fresh and modern to make the Yuletide bright. If that’s you, you’ve come to right place. Our ace correspondent Lindsey Graham (no, not THAT Lindsey Graham, our Lindsey Graham) is sharing a curated list of the best new Christmas 2020 songs and music, new releases from Little Nas X, Kelly Clarkson, Shawn Mendes and Mariah Carey. Yep, you heard that right: Mariah Carey has a new Christmas song! We’ve included Spotify and YouTube links, so you can listen to these top tunes, or watch the music videos. Or both! Pour yourself some eggnog, and let the party begin!