Author: Nicole Douillet

News to Know in Fine Dining June

News to Know in the World of Fine Dining this June

Every month, our Food Editor Nicole Douillet shares her top headlines from the world of food and wine. In this edition, she’s sharing the news you need to know in the world of fine dining this June. Curious about the big events in the world of food and drink this month? Click here. And for the latest in restaurant tech, click here.

expert guide to orange wine

Luxury Lessons: What You Need to Know about Orange Wine

What is orange wine? How do producers make the wine that color? What does orange wine pair well with? Is orange wine the new rosé? Dear reader, we’ve got answers in our expert guide to orange wine. In our ongoing Luxury Lessons series, our Food Editor Nicole Douillet and her friend Theo Lieberman, Advanced Sommelier, are sharing what you need to know about orange wine. The headline? This is a perfect light wine for autumn and winter.