Author: Pamela Thomas-Graham

ultimate luxury gift guide to the most expensive in the world

The Ultimate Luxury Gift Guide: The World’s Most Expensive

What do you give a billionaire as a gift? Whether you actually have this as a legitimate question that needs an answer, or you’re just day-dreaming about life as a boss, we have answers. Our research in the world of luxury often turns up funny, frivolous, cringe-worthy and clever items that are almost beyond belief. If that’s your thing, here’s our ultimate gift guide for the 1% with the most expensive, extravagant, crazy-rich luxury gifts ever. 

Luxury gift guide for those who love snow

The Chic Luxury Gift Guide for Those who Love Snow

Looking for the perfect luxury gift for someone who loves winter, snow, fresh mountain air and the winter holidays? We’ve compiled a chic luxury gift guide with the best presents for those who love snow. Here are ideas and inspiration for winter aficionados of every stripe: the outdoor active types, and the ones who love sitting by the fire. Team Snow, this one is for you – a winter wonderland of luxury gifts. Let it snow!

the best high fashion designer luxury smiley face items right now

The Best High Fashion Luxury Smiley Faces Right Now

You’re surely already aware that it seems to be the 1970’s all over again in many ways – some of which we love, and others of which we cannot wait to see disappear again. One of the most prominent ’70’s designer fashion trends right now is the smiley face. It’s cropping up everywhere. So if you love it, here are some the best high-fashion luxury smiley faces right now.

Richard Serra Equal sculpture Museum of Modern Art MoMA New York

Feeling The Weight of Richard Serra’s Equal at the MoMA

There’s a lot to see at the new Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. We’re sharing what we saw on our first visit after the museum reopened in fall 2019 after a major expansion, one exhibit at a time. After seeing Betye Saar: The Legends of Black Girl’s Window and David Tudor’s Rainforest V (variation 1), we popped in to spend a few minutes with Richard Serra’s monumental sculpture Equal (2015) at the new MoMA New York.