Author: Pamela Thomas-Graham

Expensive fruit is a popular luxury gift in Japan, and the pricey couture produce trend is now in America with the Tesla of strawberries.

Couture Fruit from Japan Becomes a More Popular Luxury Gift

Lots of people say that they prefer luxurious experiences to a more traditional luxury purchase, like designer fashion. So, where does eating $50 strawberries fit into that mix? There’s a long tradition of giving highly cultivated and shockingly expensive fruit as a luxury gift in Japan. Now, thanks to a company called Oishii Berry, the pricey haute couture produce trend has arrived in America from Japan, with the launch of the “Tesla of strawberries.” They run just over $6 each. How much would you pay for a strawberry, dear reader, if it was really, really good? We’re thinking that this is a dazzling romantic gift idea. ‘Cause nothing says “I love you” like expensive produce.

5 Surprising Flowers Perfect for a 2021 Valentine's Day Gift

5 Surprising Blooms for a Romantic Gift this Valentine’s Day

A gift of flowers is de rigueur for Valentine’s Day. And a red rose is traditionally the go-to bloom. Why give red roses on Valentine’s Day? Well, no sweetheart would be disappointed with a dozen long-stemmed red roses. It’s a very safe (read, dull) choice. But what if you want to do something new? Something bold, different, creative and more personal? We asked our expert ace floral artist Miko Akasaka for help. And she’s given us some fresh fun new ways to give flowers for Valentine’s Day this year. There are, in fact, beautiful and romantic alternatives to roses! Here are 5 unexpected types of flowers – and fresh ways to give roses – that would make a brilliant and surprising Valentines Day gift in 2022.